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Summary. Below is a brief directory listing architects of simpler smaller living who specialize in tiny, small, miniature, and micro homes. Some of the homes are designed to offer basic economical shelter, others provide additional amenities and an aesthetic appeal that makes them more valuable.

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  • Alchemy Architects – weeHouses (St. PaulMinnesota). “Alchemy Architects’ mission is to make stimulating, engaging, and efficient design accessible and affordable for a wide audience. Their distinctive hands-on approach to architecture and design combines a playful design process, collaborative relationships with clients, and partnerships with builders and fabricators, to create a harmonious blend of site, building, and community. “With sustainable practices as a mainstay of our daily work, Alchemy utilizes recycling and reuse along with building strategies that reduce waste. Our multidisciplinary team draws inspiration from art, literature, history, and leading creative thinkers to create alternative and atypical project solutions.” [ Website | About ]
  • BC Mountain Homes (Victoria, BC Canada). A wide variety of house plans by John Gower including some amazingly simple and small houses. [ Main Page | Micro Plans | Company Profile ]
  • Bear Creek Carpentry (Woodgate, New York). “Bear Creek Carpentry has been operating in the Adirondacks since 1991 and has over 20 years of carpentry experience. We mill a high percentage of our own lumber at our shop. We build prefabricated mini cabins and cabins, playhouses, storage sheds, adirondack furniture, complete homes, timberframes, conventionally framed homes and log cabins. We also build additions, decks, docks, boat houses, commercial structures, pole barns, garages and do custom log work.”
  • BlakesTinyHouse by F9 Productions. “Imagine if you had zero rent to pay and your heat, utilities, and water bills were at a fraction of what you pay now?  What if you were able live with less clutter, less junk, less nonsense, less TV, less energy, and less debt?  Wouldn’t this result in more space, more time, more physical energy, more conversation, more family, more friends, and more fun? This is what the Tiny House Movement is all about and as longtime admirers, we have been eager to design and try our hands at constructing our own tiny home.  As young designers we are taking a chance at developing our own cost-effective and elegant tiny house with a contemporary flair.  We see this as our opportunity to experiment, innovate, test our design skills, respond to the ever-present challenges of budget and time constraints.”
  • BlueSky MOD (Toronto, Canada) “We’re bringing together the concepts of high-design and low-impact,” says Hy Rosenberg, one of the company’s founders. “We believe that people should be able to take how they want to live and match it with where they want to live – without sacrificing functional or aesthetic standards.” BlueSky Mod’s prototype structure is a cottage retreat, designed to suite a variety of rural environments. “It’s an experiment in simplicity of design, construction techniques and relationship to nature,” says its designer, Todd Saunders, the widely published young architect, born and trained in Canada and currently working in Norway. Manufactured from mostly local and recycled materials and utilizing processes that minimize waste, the cabin is eco-friendly. Its Nordic-inspired design and angular cedar detailing also make it a definite eye-catcher.
  • Canyon Classic Cabins (Bellvue, Colorado). “Welcome to Canyon Classic Cabins. Home of the comfortable, snug, energy efficient cabin. From vacation lodging to the small home movement we believe our cabin is as good as it gets.”
  • Cavco Industries (Goodyear, Arizona). We offer a variety of products including Manufactured Homes, Park Model Homes, Camping Cabins and Commercial Buildings.
  • Cottage Company (Langley, Washington) “We’re a development and construction company based in Seattle, Washington, and focused on the implementation of ‘pocket neighborhoods’ of cottages and ‘not-so-big’ homes.”
  • Creative Cottages (Freeport, Maine). “Designer builder R McAllister Lloyd, with 30 years of custom design experience, runs a small Maine company that uses environmentally sensitive building practices to create custom, energy efficient homes in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Combining client’s needs with design knowledge that integrates function and intimacy.”
  • Cusato Cottages (Ocean Springs, Mississippi). Marianne Cusato founded Cusato Cottages to provide traditional designs for affordable housing.
  • Division 43. (Portland, Oregon) “Our micro homes are a conscious commitment to a different way of building and living. The home designs are built with reclaimed and sustainable materials and share community resources.”
  • (Madison, Wisconsin). “Our experience is hands on and goes beyond the nuts and bolts of construction. We understand the dream and challenge of building your own home. We have learned where and how to save money while maintaining quality control. We have experienced the pitfalls and frustrations along the way, as well as the pride and satisfaction of our completed homes.”
  • DPO Construction (Iowa City, Iowa). Builder of the first 5-Star rated energy efficient home in Iowa, Don Otto is passionate about making homes smaller and more energy efficient. The home pictured at right is 1172 square feet — about 50% smaller than the average US home. Visually it’s not much larger than the attached two-car garage. The cost of heating and cooling for an entire year is estimated at about $150 per year! Despite its smaller size, the interior design is such that the home feels spacious and functions well. Quality materials, such as metal roofing, help reduce time and money on maintenance which further reduces the cost of ownership, and reduces the impact on the planet since home maintenance and repairs usually equate to additional environmental degradation.
  • First Day Cottage (Walpole, New Hampshire). “A FirstDay Cottage is a house kit which is specifically designed for people to build themselves. FirstDays are built with a unique building system designed for the amateur, so they require few tools, are tolerant to error and are still extremely strong and elegant.”
  • 20140204tu-four-lights-tiny-house-company-500x500Four Lights Tiny House Company – Jay Shafer (Cotati, CA). “I moved into my first tiny house sixteen years ago. I’ve been making beautiful, functional, little dwellings for other folks to live in ever since. In 1999 I published my first article about the merits of simple living and began speaking out against the legislated ban on small homes in the US. I believe people should be allowed to live as simply as they choose. Since the recent housing bust, bank bailouts, and subsequent economic downturn, there has been increasing demand for well-designed, affordable homes, and more sensible laws. I’ve spent the past eighteen years refining my designs to produce some of the most high-functioning tiny homes available. To work well, such a structure has to meet the specific needs of its occupant(s), without waste or excess. The houses I currently offer through Four Lights Tiny House Company are designed to do just that: provide homeowners with everything they want and need, and nothing they don’t. To date, they are my very best.”
  • Global Portable Buildings (Santa Rosa, California). “Global Portable Buildings, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of new, multi-purpose portable buildings. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, and with three manufacturing plants in Asia, our company is able to deliver high-quality portable buildings at excellent prices to all destinations in the USA and worldwide. … Requiring no foundations and no structural assembly, our versatile buildings are ideal for shelters, temporary or permanent living quarters, portable offices/studios, mining camps, construction housing/field offices, worker housing, portable emergency clinics, storm shelters, military/police posts, forest/mountain cabins, etc.”
  • (Reisterstown, Maryland). “Polly Bart is owner and president of Greenbuilders, Inc.  We specialize in renovations and new construction which is eco-friendly.  Polly Bart graduated from Harvard and has a PhD in City Planning from Berkeley.  She was an urban policy analyst in the Carter Administration and has owned a construction company for twenty years.  Greenbuilders ( was founded in 2004. Our latest project is a Little Green House and we are hoping to do more.”
  • (Lafayette, Colorado). “This gypsy wagon, like the sheepherder wagons of the American west, has been crafted to take you back in time and give you the experience of a bygone era. The wagon can be used as a portable guest house, a special work space or a romantic retreat. You could even rent it out for extra income to the rapidly growing group of people who are looking for ‘Adventure Lodging’. Professionally built, this gypsy wagon is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece.”
  • Handy Home Products – Timber Cabin (Monroe, Michigan). “A terrific way to experience the outdoors. So many uses: waterside cabana, deluxe playhouse, weekend retreat and more!” [Company information on]
  • Hilmer Building and Design (Nantucket, Massachusetts). “I am John Hilmer, builder and designer. I work all over New England constructing quality homes and buildings for people according to their needs as well as their means. We at Hilmer Building and Design are hard working builders whose mission is to bring you the best building product for your money. We believe a building should not only be built to last but also be pleasing to the eye as it is going to occupy the space for many years.  We are fond of incorporating the old ways of working wood with new technologies.  We use local wood as it has grown in the climate where the building will stand and so is naturally suited. My employees are attentive and skillful builders who care about the craft as well as the customer. We take the time to build things the traditional way rather than the “slap together” method that seems all too common today.  At the same time, we complete projects quickly and efficiently. We take pride in our work and enjoy leaving a finished house or building knowing that it was done well and up to the high quality standards set by wood working craftsmen of long ago. Let us show you what Hilmer Building and Design can do for you!”
  • (Brooksville, FL). “Historic Shed was founded by the historic preservation professionals at Preservation Resource, Inc. to meet the needs of historic Florida home owners for affordable and attractive additional space that complements and enhances their historic property. Each shed is designed to meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements. Need an extra room for a home office, art studio, workout space or guests? Most of our traditional shed designs can be finished on the interior to accommodate a variety of occupiable uses, but we also offer some models that are specially designed for home office or guest cottage use. These models are also available with unfinished interiors. Call Historic Shed to discuss your project needs at 813-333-2249.”
  • (Garret County, Maryland). Our passion is for small structures, thoughtfully designed using today’s technologies wrapped in reclaimed and repurposed materials. Our goal is to create healthy, energy efficient spaces that inspire living. Each of our Hobs are as individual as our clients, they each tell their own story and convey a style unique to their owner. Hobbitat was started in January of 2012 by Bill Thomas after working 30 years in the historic restoration and custom home business. His company, Blue Sky Ventures, was featured in Country Living Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post and he won an award from the Maryland Historic Trust for the complete restoration of an early 1700’s house in Frederick County, Maryland. With the onslaught of Baltimore traffic and development threatening his hometown, Bill and his wife Sue decided to “head west” to the mountains of Garrett County in western Maryland. They settled at Deep Creek Lake and opened up for business in 1995. For the next 15 years Blue Sky Ventures thrived designing and building homes as unique as their clients, answering their wants and needs as well as optimizing space and efficiency. With the change in the housing market came a change in their focus of building. They shank the size of the “house” and moved the construction process inside. (Not a bad idea given that Garrett County boasts of winters with 200+ inches of snow)! In 2011 the first little building was built using materials from Bill’s grandfather’s barn, windows from his childhood cabin and other reclaimed doors and materials. The hook was set; they had found their new calling. The following year Hobbitat started a major project working with Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake building 13 cabins for their ecotourism retreat. Each “Hob” has a different design and personality. An emphasis on using reclaimed, recycled and local materials gives these cabins a feel that’s not easy to find. Antique heart yellow pine from the Andrew Carnegie Locomotive Building in Pittsburgh, doors and windows from a great old home in the Baltimore area, hardware and a myriad of other architectural items find a new purpose with us. We are so fortunate to have so many of our Hobs in one place. We encourage you to check out and if at all possible come visit. A picture is better than words but there is nothing better than the gentle hug you feel standing inside a Hob. We will be finishing up Blue Moon’s project very soon and look forward to speaking with you about what you may want in a Hob.” [See Featured Story]
  • (Hornby Island, B.C., Canada). “I aim to create spaces that have a sense of warmth and character.  It is very important to me that my caravans are built with natural, healthy materials and that they are designed in such a way that is mindful of the client’s needs. I spend a great deal of time in the planning stage thinking about how the space will be used and, with that in mind, how to use every bit of space in the best possible way . I certainly want the caravans that I build to be beautiful but I think even more importantly I want that certain magical quality that you find in buildings which are made with creativity, attention to detail and an appreciation for the materials being used.  My aim is for the customer to feel a sense of wellness and comfort in my buildings. If they do then I’ve accomplished my goal.”
  • IdeaBox (Salem, Oregon). “ideabox is a new way to think about prefab.  Modern design, energy & resource efficient construction, and affordable, ideabox is all about bringing lifestyle back to housing!  We want to hear your questions.  We want to hear what you think.  Please send us an email, or give us a call, or even better, come see us.”
  • Insitebuilders (Archer, Florida). Provider of homes designed by Architect Dennis Fukai, PhD. These steel construction homes are small, cute, modern, and very strong. Website includes large photos, basic floor plans, and beautiful 3D model drawings.
  • (Pagosa Springs, Colorado). “Makers of unique small cabins, built with reclaimed materials.” Jalopy Cabins, located in Colorado, is taking a very different approach to building small housing. Our cabins are built from a creative vision by our builder and then assembled with reclaimed materials that we have available. Each cabin will be built using a minimum of 90% reclaimed materials and is truly a one of a kind structure.
  • Jay Shafer (Boyes Hot Springs, California). Jay is a co-founder of the Small House Society and proprietor of offering small pre-built homes as well as small house plans. For more information, please refer to Tumbleweed Tiny House Company further down on this list.
  • Jot-House (Los Angeles, California). The Jot House is a refreshingly simple, small, and contemporary home design. Through the use of physical and virtual models, the makers of the Jot House are able to perform lighting analysis and also explore with the client various options for materials and design. This allows the client to be more actively involved in the design process. “The JoT House represents an approach to housing design in which the building and living systems have been reexamined and stripped down to essentials. This yields a building that is clean, modernist, green, open-planned and light-filled. The greatly expedited building schedule and inherent energy efficiency deliver incredible value to the home-owner, during construction and over the life of the home.”
  • (New Zealand). “We are passionate about what we do and will ensure that you are provided with the best possible service. Our cabins are in top condition, very warm, strong and painted in modern colours which will look great at your place. Our prices are so cost effective, and that’s got to be great for your pocket! We can deliver to suit you. We will level and connect on your site, making it all very easy.” Cabin builder in New Zealand.
  • Katrina Cottages by Cusato Cottages (Ocean Springs, Mississippi). Marianne Cusato founded Cusato Cottages to provide traditional designs for affordable housing. More information is available on the New Urban Guild website.
  • Lancaster Barns (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) “Lancaster County Barns is located in the serene hills and valleys of Lancaster, Pennsylvania the home of the Amish Craftsmen who build quality wood-built products such as we carry. Our Storage Sheds, Horse Barns, Gazebos, Playhouses, Hunting Cabins, and Lawn Furniture are crafted from the finest materials available. All items are hand-built to your needs and satisfaction. We are committed to excellent quality and customer service.”
  • Little Green Buildings (Port Angeles, Washington). “Little Green Buildings has been created for people who need a small, earth-friendly, non-toxic, affordable and easily assembled building. You don’t have to be a carpenter or hire a contractor to assemble a Little Green Building Kit…. Take a glass of water, place it in a 96 sq. foot building with our 4” walls, floor and roof with a 100 watt light bulb in zero degree Fahrenheit outside temperature – How long would it take the water to freeze? Probably never!!”
  • Little House on the Trailer (Petaluma, California). “Fast, affordable and beautiful custom homes on wheels. Designer Stephen Marshall takes his 40 years of architectural design expertise and applies it to the manufactured home. Clients receive the best of both worlds: our factory builds high-quality, energy efficient houses at half the cost of a site-built home, while our oversight ensures superior design, customization, and finish details not offered by large manufacturers. A beautiful home at an affordable price.” [Website|Facebook]
  • Living Architecture (Cottonwood Shores, Texas) In their own words, “We feel it our responsibility to conserve our resources by designing, building and maintaining sustainable structures, developments, towns and cities.”
  • LV Homes by Rocio Romero (St. Louis, Missouri). “We design, manufacture, build, ship, and sell our kit homes. By marrying all these disciplines we are able to better deliver quality design easily and affordably. It is through prefab efficiencies that we are able to control the cost and quality of our homes.”
  • m-house (London, England). The m-house is modern, mobile, meticulous, minimalist, and marvelous!
  • Micro Compact Homes (m-ch) (Europe, Germany, Austria). The team of researchers and designers based in London and at the Technical University in Munich developed the m-ch as an answer to an increasing demand for short stay living for students, business people, sports and leisure use and for weekenders. The m-ch, now in use and available throughout Europe, combines techniques for high quality compact ‘living’ spaces deployed in aircraft, yachts, cars, and micro apartments. [ Website | About ]
  • Miles Building and Design (Austin, Texas). “As the owner of Miles Building and Design, I have over twenty years of experience in a wide variety of building mediums, including modern construction using green building practices, traditional timber framing, natural building methods with straw bale and cob, and furniture and cabinet making. My specialty is using sustainable building practices to create efficient use of space that is tailored to your needs, with a high level of craftsmanship. You can experience my work in Austin at House Pizzeria, or by staying at my place on the coast in Port Aransas. Please explore my site, and contact me to discuss your project needs.”
  • Mini Cabin Plans (Santa Cruz, California). Architect and builder Kevin Meek is the provider of this website that offers unique and inexpensive building plans for low cost housing.
  • miniHome by (Toronto, Canada). Beautiful small homes designed by Altius Architecture and Sustain Design Studio in Toronto, Canada.
  • Modern Cabana (San Francisco, California). A versatile addition designed to accommodate buyers seeking value, modernism and quality, The Cabana can be used as a guest cottage, a pool house, artist studio, home office, urban penthouse, desert hideaway, fishing cabin, workshop, sound studio, yoga studio, kids playhouse, or exercise room. [ Website | About | Founders ]
  • (San Francisco Bay Area, California). “New Avenue is an alternative development model that enables communities to grow internally as opposed to externally. We do this by building homes on underutilized properties within existing neighborhoods. Our homes are designed to accommodate the true diversity of our family types, namely those of us that live in one or two person households. We call this the small plot development model and it can end suburban sprawl as we know it, accommodate the demand for 12.5 million new homes we need and bring financial and environmental sustainability to families. New Avenue delivers a turnkey solution for building these one and two person homes. We have unique expertise in design, land use rights, financing, permitting and pre-fab manufacturing that allows us to create building opportunities where it is either illegal or unprofitable for the old fashioned banks, builders and developers to operate. By creating new legal and financial products we eliminate the barriers that foil the old way of building and enable the creation of tens of thousands of right-sized homes that are energy efficient, attractive and healthy to live in. The homes we build provide financial security to landowners and strengthen our communities without consuming any additional green space. The installation of small second homes can create community, enhance health, produce renewable energy, and provide a financially sustainable alternative for property owners and investors to shape the future of our communities. New Avenue is a one stop shop that offers an innovative design, financing and building program to manage the entire process of creating small, high quality and sustainable homes. Whether your goal is to create extra space for peace of mind, a family member, a tenant or to downsize and age in place, their experts are uniquely qualified and dedicated to helping you achieve this goal. The company provides world class design from LEED AP architects and engineers, green building expertise and financing.  Their goal is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the lifelong benefits of a healthy, sustainable and flexible lifestyle.”
  • (Ocean Springs, Mississippi). “The New Economy Home is the first house of its kind, designed specifically to meet the needs of our shifting times. It is a 1771 sq. ft. 4 bedroom/3.5 bathroom house that addresses the impact that the current economy is having on how we build for today and in the future.”
  • Noble Home (Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts). “The housing construction industry is hard on most people. Land is expensive, leaving little money to build one’s dream house, not to mention hiring an architect to ensure a livable, inspiring, energy efficient space. Conversely, affordable rural housing generally consists of uninspired design, inferior quality, and is often a poor investment. Noble Home is a house kit that comes shipped to your building site and contains all the parts needed to build a finished house shell on your foundation. A kit can save labor costs because most pieces are cut to size therefore assembly is typically very fast. Wasted time and money due to incorrect ordering of materials and complex construction is avoided with a kit.”
  • Non Compliant Design (Nordland, Washington). “Our feature design is ECOSOLO, the culmination and refinement of a building design first sketched on paper nearly 30 years ago. ECOSOLO exhibits a strong focus on material and construction system economics. Through the use of minimal, renewable building components, simple “low-tech” fastening devices, and an emphasis on maintaining maximum structural strength, ECOSOLO is a building possessing superior structural integrity while consuming far less material.”
  • Norwester Industries (Spanaway, Washington). Provider of custom-built tiny portable homes.
  • Oasis Design (Santa Barbara, California). “Oasis Design is a wellspring of original content and designs which you won’t find elsewhere. We specialize in the nuts and bolts of sustainability—practical systems for living well, in harmony with nature and each other. These include designs for managing water, wastewater, energy, money and other resources. Our goal is to live really well, on a small amount of well-managed resources, and help others do the same. We don’t need resource wars…we just need to make the most of our fair share. There are several hundred pages of free information here on our web site, as well as an additional several hundred in our books and articles. We hope you enjoy your visit, and find something which helps you live the way you want to.” [Design Principles | Why Huge Doesn’t Work]
  • Oregon Cottage Company (Eugene, Oregon). “dedicated to providing healthy Tiny Homes of the highest craftsmanship to a growing demographic of individuals wanting a simpler way of life. We understand how the social economical world is changing and wish to offer housing options that brings together our knowledge of the built and natural environment with the creative mindset of our clients. In 2008, by introducing the Siskiyou (Northwest) Tiny Home, we established ourselves in Cottage Grove, Oregon and as a valued asset to the Tiny Home movement. Since then we have relocated to a 27 acre Ecology Center in Eugene Oregon where we have continued to design and build tiny homes. We have a shop where we build our Cottages and a Tiny Office where we do all of our drawing and administrative work. All of our work is done on site so we always have direct supervision. We believe that communication is the key to our quality and believe this direct relationship between construction, and design intent fosters a beautiful product.”

    Oregon Cottage Company
    Oregon Cottage Company
  • (Branson, Missouri). “These may be tiny cabins but our efficient use of space gives them a big feel, with comfort and function as the focal point. We’ve designed our products to be both beautiful and cost-effective. Our team consists of an architect and a custom home builder, with 50 years combined experience in the design/ build field. When we say, “We Deliver Quality” it’s not just a slogan it’s our standard. Value- We manufacture our buildings in a controlled environment. This enables us to work more efficiently reducing our labor costs while still delivering a high quality product. The resulting is higher standards and better value for you.”
  • Pixie Palace Hut Co (Northern Michigan). “Our beautiful craftsman made Shepherd Huts with authentic 20141206sa-shepherds-hut-wagon-retreat-tiny-house-exterior-example-003cast iron wheels imported from a forge in England are bespoke, which means you get to choose everything! From the size of the hut, to the type of chassis, size & positioning of windows and doors to the type of insulation, flooring, interior furnishings and of course the color scheme! Bathrooms & Kitchenettes can also be designed and built in along with solar power to make this a very versatile hut!”
  • Plan of Escape (West Monroe, Louisiana). “I’ve been an architectural designer for well over twenty years. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of people to design commercial and residential buildings of all types.”
  • 20130529we-theqcabin-small-house-200x185Q Cabins – “Q Cabins are the new concept in sustainable micro housing. Every material or system choice used to build the Q Cabin Kits is based in a green technology. We use steel stud and EPS foam wall panels, natural fibers, high tech insulation methods, low-E insulated glass, passive and active solar systems, automatic ventilation systems and sustainable sized footprints. The end result is an architecturally pleasing, resource efficient, and environmentally friendly cabin.  Our cabin kits have been allowed to submit for a building permits under San Diego County’s strict “Green Permit” status.  The Q Cabins are made from 100% fire resistive materials and passed the highest California Wild Fire Zone construction standards.  The Mountaineer model has successfully achieved a 354 lb/sqft. snow load rating!  Quality is everything in a Q Cabin.”
  • (Pawlet, Vermont). “Instructor Mickel Zuidhoek was born and raised in New Zealand, where he began his training as a carpenter/joiner in 1985. He holds a level three New Zealand Certificate in Engineering. His carpentry apprenticeship, which included both theoretical course work and hands on building, lasted three and a half years, and upon completion, he traveled to Holland where he lived for three years. While in Holland, Mickel was involved with many different types of building projects. He spent 3 months restoring an old church in Amsterdam and took part in a conversion project restoring an old zoo administration building for the University of Amsterdam. For eight months, Mickel was involved in a project to build ten new houses, and finished his time in Holland bringing old houses up to new building code standards. Upon returning to New Zealand, he began his own business as an independent renovation contractor. In the past 15 years, he has completed projects ranging from kitchen, bath and historic renovations to new decks, fences, additions, new homes, and more. Mickel for three years worked at Wellington Polytechnic training new apprentices and was involved in the new Pre Employment Carpentry course. In June 2003, he relocated to Vermont, where he works as a full-time renovation carpenter, teaches at Yestermorrow Design/Build School, and runs Phoenix Hill Renovation Workshops.”
  • Rich’s Portable Cabins (North Powder, Oregon). “RPC has been crafting custom cabins and tiny houses, and shipping them to individuals and resorts throughout the western half of the US, for the past 11 years. Today, cabin buyers expect higher quality and affordability, and at the same time reward for innovation and style. We can build you a wonderful cabin. Sometimes small is good, especially when it comes to quality control. It is not about how fast the cabin is built, but rather that it is assembled with the care and thoughtfulness that only a seasoned crew can provide. Veteran craftsmen piece together the cabin- from building the steel frame to building the cabinets- everything is built in-house. Our experienced crew is eager to build your dream cabin, and have it delivered to you in a timely manner. One big advantage to purchasing your cabin from RPC is knowing that Rich is personally supervising every phase of construction, and won’t tolerate sloppy work- Protecting the customer’s interest is one of the best ways to stay in business.” [Picasa Gallery | Flickr Gallery]
  • Rocio Romero Kit Homes (St. Louis, Missouri). “We design, manufacture, build, ship, and sell our kit homes. By marrying all these disciplines we are able to better deliver quality design easily and affordably. It is through prefab efficiencies that we are able to control the cost and quality of our homes.”
  • 20151009fr0559-rocky-mountain-tiny-housesRocky Mountain Tiny Houses (Durango, Colorado). “Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is a custom tiny house design/build company based in Durango, CO. We serve customers across the entire US with a focus on the mountain states of CO, WY, MT, ID, NM, UT, AZ and nearby states such as NE, KS, TX, MO, OK. Our emphasis is on 100% custom design to meet individuals needs and desires. We strive for innovation, craftsmanship, durability, and value. We design and build quality Tiny Houses with an emphasis on customization. Nestled in the foothills of the majestic San Juan mountains in Durango, CO, we understand the needs of those who call the mountains home. Our philosophy is built on the notion that shelter should be a place of pride and comfort, yet one of simplicity and affordability. A person of modest means should be able to own a home outright and be able to go play and explore the mountains as they see fit, not be weighed down by a mortgage and maintenance. Click the links to the left to start your epic journey of tiny proportions.”
  • Rock Hill and Associates (Lecompton, Kansas). “The work of Dan Rockhill, his associate, David Sain and their many colleagues and assistants, is modest in scale. Embedded in the vast agricultural landscapes of Kansas and backstreets of Lawrence, it is almost hidden from view. Yet it is work that is significant. It is a testimony to the value of design, the difficulty and arduousness of building and to the importance of the deep-seated potentials of architecture to change and improve the lives of people.” — Brian Carter, excerpted from his Introduction to the book, Designing & Building: Rockhill and Associates
  • Ross Chapin Architects (Langley, Washington). “Ross Chapin Architects is an award-winning firm known for designing wonderfully scaled and richly detailed buildings and gardens. We take joy in designing places for people that are both functional and beautiful. Our work shows that neighborhoods, buildings and outdoor spaces can be alive and vibrant, authentic and soulful. We strive to create places that nourish the individual, support positive family relationships, and foster a strong sense of community. Based on Whidbey Island in Washington’s Puget Sound since 1982, the focus of our work is custom residential design and neighborhood development. We also sell many of our best cottage and small house plans through our GoodFit, plan collection.”
  • (Skillman, New Jersey). “My name is Andy Sheldon. I am an architect and have been designing small houses and farm buildings for over 25 years. My mission at SHELDON DESIGNS is to provide you with beautiful, economical, easy-to-build designs with complete blueprints at reasonable prices. This catalog contains some of my favorite small buildings. Each design that I offer specifies standard building materials readily available at any lumberyard. When we receive your order, we will make every effort to process and ship within forty-eight hours. You should receive your detailed blueprints in approximately seven to ten days and your credit card will not be charged nor your check deposited until your plans are shipped. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are dissatisfied in any way, you may return the order within 30 days for a full refund or exchange the plans for another design. If you have questions or need assistance, give us a call and we will try to help.”
  • (Thompson Falls, Montana). “Our goal continues to be to build and deliver the best small cabins in the industry. As we so often hear, “this cabin is a work of art!” In a world that seems to continually lose its appreciation for quality and craftsmanship we strive to maintain our own in each Sherpa Cabin we build. Sherpa Cabins, Inc. has an engineer approved structural plan that encompasses each cabin’s basic design. Although we have never built two identical cabins, all the cabins have the same general framing. We now have cabins in Idaho, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California and Montana.”
  • (McCleary, Washington). “Sing Tiny houses are lightweight, insulated, and durable. Our Tiny houses are constructed with Sing honeycomb panels. … The Sing home-building system started in 1992 as the founder/inventor Peter Sing patented his first vertical grain square log. There were already 24 patents under his name at that time. Since then, there have been a dozen more inventions related to home building products and methods and most are now in production as part of the Sing home-building system.” See also and for building materials.
  • 20140322sa-small-house-labSmall House Lab (New York City, New York). “Small House Lab sells plans and 3D models of prototype small houses, and shares ideas about finding more in less. More designs will be available soon. The American house has more than doubled in size since 1950, while the average household has fallen from 3.8 to 2.6 people. Only one American home in five now shelters two parents with a child at home, while most households are just one or two people. Smaller, better fitting houses would sustainably consume fewer resources, require smaller building lots, reduce carrying costs and upkeep, and free their owners’ time and money for other pursuits. Like weekend retreats and summer houses, they could answer our longing for simpler, less encumbered lives. Small House Lab experiments with house design priorities, dialing down needless square footage and complexity, dialing up quality of space and living experience. The designs emphasize a single spacious living area with a high ceiling and generous light and views. These luxuries are offset by the economy of an efficiently planned, simply shaped house with a slab-on-grade floor and stud framing, familiar construction much like that of a family garage. Durable, low-maintenance materials and wheelchair accommodation make for lifelong service.” [More…]
  • Steven Holl Architects (New York City, New York). Steven Holl founded Steven Holl Architects in New York in 1976. SHA is a design-oriented office, with a current staff of 35. The firm has been recognized internationally with numerous awards, publications and exhibitions for quality and excellence in design.
  • Structures To Go (Port Angeles, Washington). Homes you can assemble! Home kits include locally-made plywood Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).
  • Stiles (New York City and East Hampton, New York). “David Stiles is a designer/builder and illustrator, and the author of numerous how-to books, including Garden Projects, Rustic Retreats, Tree Houses, Playhouses and Sheds. He is a graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and Pratt Institute where he received his degree in Industrial Design. He has worked for many of the leading architectural firms in New York City and received two awards from the New York Planning Commission for his playground design for handicapped children.” [More…]
  • – (Collierville, Tennessee) “Joe Everson builds portable tiny houses made to be taken with someone, wherever they may wander. The 100 to 120 square foot houses are built on trailers and are being used all over the country for people who want a minimalist and mobile lifestyle.  Tennessee Tiny Homes specializes in dwellings that range from a cozy 120 square feet to a more spacious 200 square feet, and can be purchased for as little as $15,000.”
  • (Rochester, New Hampshire). “…to utilize the centuries old technique of timber framing to create truly sustainable structures that will provide strong, aesthetically pleasing shelter for generations to come. … to build ‘small,’ in terms of both size and impact.” – David Fernandez
  • (Marlin, Washington). “We’re an authorized dealer of portable cedar cabins on skids or a custom built steel trailer. Many models to choose from. 144 to 400 sq feet. We also do larger Workforce housing. We specialize in radiant floor heating.We offer bank financing with 20% down if you are a resident of Washington state or Idaho.”
  • Tiny Texas Houses (Luling, Texas). “The only 95% recycled portable Tiny House on the market in the USA. Yes there are others who make Tiny Houses, but none who use exclusively vintage lumber and focus on the handmade quality and details of the old days, with original Cypress windows, period doors, hardware, and everything old.”
  • Titan Chicago (Chicago, Illinois). “Located in the heart of the American Midwest in Palatine, Illinois, Titan Home Builders is centrally located in North America, so that makes it easy for us to get your custom-made tiny house to you in record time. As a contracting and remodeling company focused on residential bathrooms and kitchens, we cut our teeth in the building industry beginning in 2010. As such, we are fully versed in all aspects of construction with knowledge and experience in design, electrical, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, painting, and more. When we first conceived of the idea of using our construction skills towards becoming the leading tiny house builder in the country, we never thought that they would be this popular with folks just like you. For those who are not only looking to disconnect from the grid, but who also want to drive as far away from it as possible, our tiny houses will not only get you there, but you will be completely self-sufficient when you arrive. Contact us today to discover exactly how easy it is to order your custom-made tiny house, and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of living in a tiny house in style.” The photo below shows the Titan team with the crew from Episode 304 of FYI’s Show “Tiny House Nation” and in the background is the home they built for the show.
  • Tortoise Shell Home (Calistoga, California). “Want to leave a smaller footprint, but still have the comfort and safety of a well-built home that travels with you? Tortoise shell homes are cozy (starting at 120 sq feet), mobile (mounted on a tow trailer), and built tough, like a larger house.”
  • Tropical Treehouse (Puerto Rico). “The hooch, the ultimate small house, perches on a single point foundation – the smallest footprint of any land-based structure. Radiating anchored cables (to trees, ground, or other natural objects), keep the hooch erect and resilient. With no permanent foundation, and zero site alteration, the hooch exemplifies ephemeral architecture, environmental stewardship, and biomimetic design.”
  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Company (Sonoma, California and Colorado Springs, CO). “The year was 1999 when our first tiny home was mounted to a trailer. 20140204tu-tumbleweed-tiny-house-company he little home was named Tumbleweed because it had roots and was mobile all at the same time. And in that moment, the seeds for a housing revolution were planted. Today we help people reach their dreams of downsizing their homes and upsizing their quality of life. Tumbleweed provides training materials, workshops, full plans and support for thousands of people looking to downsize into a Tumbleweed. As the tiny house movement expanded, we worked hard to assist people who didn’t have the time or skills to build their own tiny home. In 2013, we became a nationally certified small home builder with over 20 models to choose from. Our business is based in Sonoma, CA and Colorado Springs, CO.” [more]
  • Turtleback Nomadic Yurts (Dolores, Colorado). An ideal solution for those seeking low cost structures that are easy to assemble and tear down. As housing, or simply a short-term office or campground facility, these yurts offer solid construction and pleasing appearance. “It only takes two people to set up and tear down. The first time may take longer than 2 hours, but once you have the hang of it, it’s pretty simple. The only tools necessary for construction are a ladder, a simple hub-jack (it’s also possible without), and a few clamps. Two large ratchet straps and wing nuts provide all of the fastening. As for ordering, we can have a yurt made 4 to 6 weeks after the order is placed. We are asking for half the cost, $4000, at the time of the order for materials and costs, the rest upon delivery.”
  • Van Wyk Woodbuilders (Des Moines, Iowa). Sharon and Shawn Van Wyk use high quality hand-picked lumber for the custom constructed cabins, carriage sheds, and other structures.
  • Ventura Prefab Homes (Blumenau, Brazil). “Offering pre-cut homes made from the finest Brazilian hardwoods. They arrive at your building site ready for immediate assembly. Your home or cabin can be provided with double wall construction and extra insulation for cold climates; the roof can be constructed to support heavy snowloads. Available are simple one bedroom cabins of 375 square feet. Prices start at around $15,000. Buyers may choose to purchase just the complete WOOD KIT and install the bathroom and kitchen fixtures from local sources, or the FINISHING KIT can be purchased.”
  • 20130628fr-weecabins-183x240Wee Cabins (Ely, Minnesota). “The Wee Cabin Company located in Ely, Minnesota has been building handcrafted timber-frame cabins since 2005. Specialists in minimal impact to the environment and off-the-grid surroundings, these structures are each designed to meet the needs of its clients while maintaining the ‘Wee Cabin’ one of a kind design look that it has become known for. The ‘Wee Cabin Company’ has been featured on Minnesota Bound TV, PBS Duluth, Cabin Life Magazine and numerous periodicals.” [Facebook]
  • weeHouses by Alchemy Architects (St. Paul, Minnesota). “Alchemy Architects’ mission is to make stimulating, engaging, and efficient design accessible and affordable for a wide audience. Their distinctive hands-on approach to architecture and design combines a playful design process, collaborative relationships with clients, and partnerships with builders and fabricators, to create a harmonious blend of site, building, and community.” [ Website | About ]
  • Wooden Architecture (Frosinone, Italy). This is the website of Thomas Allocca, a designer and journalist promoting small, sustainable, and simple living.
  • Yeh Studio (Los Angeles, California | Honolulu Hawaii). “Founded in 2002 Yeh Studio is a full service architecture design and planning office with projects in California and Hawaii. Projects range in scale from institutions to private homes, as well as interior and object design. Our background is rooted in design and technology, we have expertise in architectural design, furniture and fine art fabrication. We are committed to progressive design strategies for the built environment. The JoT prefabricated building system (shown at right) grew out of a project that we designed in the desert of Joshua Tree. Our goal was to produce a simple flexible cost effective design that used sustainable materials and simple building methods. Our building system is very flexible and can be adapted to cover anything from a small detached studio to a three-bedroom house and up.”
  • (Vermont). “My name is Tim Guiles and I am the owner of Yes Wee Cabins, a small affordable home building company in Vermont. … After living in my cabin for a year, I became so convinced that this kind of living space should be available to more people, that I have started a company (Feb 2009) specifically to promote the small living philosophy. …  You can see lots of good pictures on the photo section of my website. My goal is to build very affordable, high quality, very environmentally friendly homes.  I have sold one so far and hope to sell 3 more this year.”

Recently Archived

The designers and builders listed below seem to no longer be around, but we’re leaving them here in the directory for reference.

  • Decorated Shed (United Kingdom). “Here at Decorated Shed our buildings are all green built and we greatly take in to consideration carbon offset and the effects certain factors can have on the environment (from vehicle use to wood use). Our approach to the difficult issue of ethical and green trading is to be as performance-led as possible. What we mean by this is that our aim is to develop the best and most durable buildings possible. Our buildings are highly insulated and energy efficient. By ensuring this performance over the life-cycle of the building, we lock up or sequestrate the carbon in the timber used in the development. Also the longer the building lasts the longer the carbon is stored and is not in the atmosphere. So our overall carbon policy is to offset carbon in the correct ways. We strictly work with only FSC or PEFC accredited suppliers to ensure that the timber materials used in our buildings are from sustainably and ethically managed sources. Your team of experienced professionals, each a specialist in their own area, ensures that the process of planning, choosing, creating and living with your new garden building meets and exceeds all of your expectations.”


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