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Local contacts offer advice and support to those in their area pursuing small living. They can also be contacts for the local media. Use our local contact online application form to be listed here or to learn more. Click the map or view the directory of contacts below.



Cotati, California

Contact: Four Lights Tiny House Company, Jay Shafer Staff / Contact Page
Bio: “I moved into my first tiny house sixteen years ago. I’ve been making 20140204tu-four-lights-tiny-house-company-500x500beautiful, functional, little dwellings for other folks to live in ever since. In 1999 I published my first article about the merits of simple living and began speaking out against the legislated ban on small homes in the US. I believe people should be allowed to live as simply as they choose. Since the recent housing bust, bank bailouts, and subsequent economic downturn, there has been increasing demand for well-designed, affordable homes, and more sensible laws. I’ve spent the past eighteen years refining my designs to produce some of the most high-functioning tiny homes available. To work well, such a structure has to meet the specific needs of its occupant(s), without waste or excess. The houses I currently offer through Four Lights Tiny House Company are designed to do just that: provide homeowners with everything they want and need, and nothing they don’t. To date, they are my very best.” ~ Jay Shafer

Oakland, California

Contact: Kareem Shihab
Email: KareemShihab@gmail.com
20131104mo-kareem-shihab-cropContact Bio: “I love building things. Especially out of wood. I really want to build a tiny home but quickly found out that there are all sorts of restrictions on people who want to build small. To me preventing people from building small forces people to buy larger then they need and to spend most of their lives in debt, enriching the banks which is something I don’t want to be a part of. I am very interested in exploring ways of creating a tiny home community in the Oakland and San Francisco Bay area. I think there might be some creative solutions for organizing interested people to make this happen through a nonprofit structure or an LLC. I also want to be a part of building projects whenever I can, and volunteer for habitat for humanity and Tiny home companies from time to time.

San Francisco, California

Contact: Kareem Shihab
Contact Details: See Oakland California

Santa Cruz, California

Contact: Terri Mykland, FDN.
20131001tu-terri-myklandContact Bio: “I’m Terri and I’ve been interested in tiny houses for over 5 years, and simple living for at least 15.  I’ve been “smallifying” my existance in various ways, to live lighter on the planet, consistent with my values, and not let “things” weigh me down.  At first, my interest in small/simple living interest took the shape of wanting to count my possessions, and keep them to some specific number.  Then I wanted to buy land on an island.  Then I wanted a teardrop camper (still do!).  And, finally, after a long time, I realized that all of these ideas would come together for me in a tiny house.  My vision is to start a Tiny House Community.  I plan to build my tiny house when my youngest heads off to college in a few years.”
Email: terri@mykland.com


Eatonton, Georgia

Contact: John & Fin Kernohan
Contact Bio: “We are able to help with and advising in the arenas of home design, home construction, interior design, lifestyle simplification, consolidation/minimizing, self-sustaining, wood working, DIY, gardening, septic systems, plumbing, electrical & wiring, solar, furniture building, salvaging, repurposing, chicken & goat raising, and some others. Additionally, Fin, who is a personal trainer & body builder, provides sessions and online support for implementing a training/health regime in a tiny environment. Also, we have our presentation/lecture titled “Our Great Big Tiny Life”, where we discuss many of these topics.”


Please refer to our Washington State contact.


20110201tu-gregory-johnson-mobile-hermitage-small-house-photo-by-makur-jain-IMG_6311-450x630-70percent-214x300Iowa City, Iowa

Group: Iowa City Small House Alliance
ContactGreg Johnson
Contact Bio: “From 2003 to 2009, I lived in a 10×7 tiny house that I co-built. Prior to that, I’d been living in minimalist efficiency apartments. I continue to live simply and enjoy helping others with their journey toward simpler living. I’m serving as president of the Small House Society, established in 2002, as a way to promote the Small House Movement.”
Group WebsiteGroup Facebook Page

North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

20131001tu-kristen-salvatoreGroup: Asheville Tiny Home Association
Group WebsiteAsheville Tiny Home Association
Contact: Kristen Salvatore (Meetup Member Page)
Group Description: “This group was inspired by the need for affordable, sustainable and attractive housing. Driven by the struggles of the economy and combined with Asheville’s inherent sense of creativity, community, and environmental awareness, we are coming together to give life to the idea that there IS a solution to this problem and we can all contribute to each other’s success in achieving that goal… owning an affordable, sustainable, attractive home. Together, we can better our own lives while helping the planet. All ages & levels of experience welcome! For more information, please see our Calendar of Events or Contact Us.”


Reisterstown, Maryland

20131031th-polly-bart-green-builders-reisterstown-160x160Group: GreenBuilders.com
Group WebsiteGreenBuilders.com
Contact: Polly Bart
Email: pbart@greenbuilders.com
Group Description: “Polly Bart is owner and president of Greenbuilders, Inc.  We specialize in renovations and new construction which is eco-friendly. Polly Bart graduated from Harvard and has a PhD in City Planning from Berkeley. She was an urban policy analyst in the Carter Administration and has owned a construction company for twenty years. Greenbuilders (GreenBuilders.com) was founded in 2004. Our latest project is a Little Green House and we are hoping to do more.”


Lebanon, Ohio

Contact: Donna Ping
Contact Details: Click here to request contact details


Please refer to our Washington State contact.


Johnson City, Tennessee

Contact: Tammy Backlund
Email: tbacklundpta@yahoo.com
Website: TinyTimesBlog.wordpress.com
Phone Number: 423-915-6707
Mailing Address: PO Box 5701, Johnson City, TN 37602
Date Added: 18 October 2016
Contact Bio: Please provide a bio for the primary contact.: Tammy Backlund, her partner, 2 dogs and one cat are tiny house dwellers living in East Tennessee. Tammy blogs about the tiny lifestyle, it’s many benefits and challenges on her blog Tinytimesblog.wordpress.com and is the founder of the Johnson City Tiny House Community.



Katy, Texas

Name: n/a
Email: n/a
WebsiteTiny House Enthusiasts – Houston Meetup
Address: Houston, TX 77007
Phone Number: n/a

‘The Tiny House Enthusiasts’ is a social network, offering resources and hands-on training on the many aspects of small house living in the Houston area since August 2014.

20141130su-houston-tinh-house-enthusiastsLiving with less is freeing – both financially and by allowing more time for personal development, community involvement and the ability to react on opportunities when they’re presented.

Our goals:

  • Supporting each other by sharing resources and knowledge
  • Working on projects together, lending a helping hand
  • Visiting builders, tiny houses and events together
  • Sharing ideas of small living and sustainability

We look forward to hearing about your ideas and experiences with simple living, and any questions you might have.


Marlin (Krupp), Washington

Name: Janet Thome
Email: hearthouse1111@yahoo.com
Website: http://tinyportablecedarcabins.com
Mailing Address: PO Box 121 Marlin, WA 98832
Phone Number: 509 345 2013
Bio: Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins is an authorized dealer of portable cedar cabins on skids or a custom built steel trailer. Many models to choose from/ 144 to 400 sq. feet. We also do larger Workforce housing. We specialize in radiant floor heating. We offer bank financing with 20% down if you are a resident of Washington state or Idaho. See a sample of our work below.