Local Contact Application Form

Become a Local Contact!

Partner with the Small House Society by becoming a local contact for those interested in small living!

What You Get

  • Get extra exposure for your own small living website, book, product, or service. In addition to being listed on this page, we’ll help advertise you!
  • Get premium technical support for computers and other technology.
  • Get training and assistance on setting up a website (if you desire).
  • As available, we may have funding to help promote and support a local event or other work you’re doing.

What You Give

You’re not obligated to commit to a specific amount of time or energy, but here are some examples of what you might want to do in your area to promote small living.

  • Provide advice to people who have questions about small house living. In particular, there may be local laws and ordinances that are unique to your area. Your knowledge will grow over time.
  • If there’s sufficient interest, facilitate a local group in your area. This could include meetings and larger events.
  • Be available for media who may want to interview someone about the small house movement.

Application Submission

Please fill out the form below to apply as a local contact. Thanks!