Small House Plans

The Small House Movement has inspired the creation of many websites offering building plans and designs for small home construction. Below is a brief directory of these resources for building tiny, little, small, miniature, and micro homes. Please contact us if you know of any other resources that should be added to this list.

Some people prefer to design their own home plans beginning with basic floor plans. For this, websites such as are helpful.

In addition to the house plans offered by well known designers and builders of small homes, there are also websites that offer house plans. At present, we’ve not thoroughly reviewed house plan sites, nor have we ordered from them. So, the list here is simply offered to provide what seem to be the most significant house plan sites. Please let us know of any others that should be listed, or if there’s one here you feel shouldn’t be listed. Most of these sites offer the option of searching by size.

Noteworthy Providers of Large House Plans