Iowa City Small House Alliance to Plan Crowdsourced Service Project Charity Action Community Events

20110201tu-gregory-johnson-mobile-hermitage-small-house-photo-by-makur-jain-IMG_6311-450x630-70percent-214x300The Iowa City Small House Alliance is planning to organize “crowdsourced service project charity action community events.”

Of course, the idea of crowdsourcing isn’t new. In fact, it might be fair to say that the Amish concept of a barn raising was an early form of crowd sourcing.

Applied to the Small House Movement, one of the greatest benefits of a service event would be the more economical creation of tiny homes by bringing together people with resources, tools, experience, and skills.

Just as repurposing of materials is a great way to keep costs down, using locally sourced volunteer labor can help speed up the process of building a home while brining the cost down.

Service projects are also a great way for people to meet and build relationships.

As our local Iowa City chapter of the Small House Society plans future meetings, we hope that those can take place as local build events. Or, perhaps in some other way help advance the local small house community. We hope this can be an inspiration for other communities.

Greg Johnson

6 thoughts on “Iowa City Small House Alliance to Plan Crowdsourced Service Project Charity Action Community Events

  1. When and where are you meeting. I would love to participate! I have been dreaming of a tiny house for 2 years now. It is time for me to get busy.

  2. Feel free to contact me through the contact page and we can make further plans. I’d like to have our local group work on a small home project. We can plan a local gathering for others to meet.

    1. I live in burlington and have dreamed of the having a small house for years. I am a carpenter and am ready to build my own place. Where can I find this small house group. Any info would be nice. Please somebody email me

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