Small House Society News – Oct 2022

3 Oct 2022


I hope you are doing well. In the past two years since my last email to you, a lot has been going on here at the Small House Society, and much growth in the global trend toward simpler smaller living.

My work, service, and commitment to the movement continues. I regularly respond to requests from small house builders and buyers, as well as members of the media and educators wanting to learn more.

There are several factors driving the upswell of interest in smaller more sustainable living.

  • ENERGY — Electric cars, electric bicycles, solar power, and other innovations are expanding in availability. The green energy industry is struggling to find scalable practical solutions for supplying massive amounts of energy to millions of households with power-hungry appliances designed for unrestrained use of increasing kilowatts of power. As a result, small-scale solar power has prompted people to look for ways to consume less electricity. Smaller living is possibly the biggest and most overlooked part of the energy equation.
  • NATURE — Extreme weather events have brought attention to the need for greater mobility and housing investments that can adapt to changing coastlines and landscapes. Evacuations due to wildfires, floods, and rising waters have resulted in many people seeking temporary or permanent simpler living solutions. Some people don’t have homes to return to, and it’s a turning point for them. Some communities and large land areas are experiencing water scarcity. This is another migration factor for many people having to relocate.
  • REMOTE WORK — The remote work phenomenon began as a short-term accommodation, but became a win-win for employees and businesses. One of the greatest obstacles to small living is that small homes typically are not permitted in urban areas. In cities that do allow tiny homes, urban areas are usually already built-up with only a few areas suitable for urban infill. Most environmentally conscientious people who have an interest in tiny homes, do not want the negative impact of daily commuting. Having a workforce of millions who can work from anywhere makes it possible to keep your job and grow in your career from a solar powered off-grid cabin in the wilderness.

I’ve been studying these three areas of impact to examine how the small house movement is responding to demand, what can be done better, and how the Small House Society can serve everyone’s needs.

Behind the scenes, I continue to build up the infrastructure of the administrative and financial needs of the Small House Society. This year I’ve moved most of the operations devices, printing, and scanning to 100% solar power. Office paper is produced using solar and wind power from sawmill wood pulp waste.

Over the past 20 years, funding for the Small House Society is primarily provided from my own independent tech consulting and web services work, as well as a small number of generous supporters. [View Paying Members List] In recent years I’ve cut back on the annual fundraising reminders, but may return to having annual fundraisers for more public engagement. If you’re interested in contributing, that would be great. [Donate]

Whether you donate or not, I consider you an advocate and supporter. My primary reason for reaching out periodically to followers and supporters is to find out how the Small House Society can better serve you and the movement. If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know.


Greg Johnson
Small House Society
Iowa City | USA

Marine Layer “Cabin” Clothing Ad Features Small House

Over the past twenty years, we’ve seen small and tiny homes appear in advertising, movies, and TV shows. This is still a somewhat infrequent occurrence and worth noting.

The ad below from Marine Layer shows a couple in a smallish cabin. These depictions of small homes help to have them be more welcome and accepted in communities.

[Video Source: Marine Layer, 12 Sep 2022]

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This post was created on 16 Oct 2022 and dated 12 Sep 2022 to match the date the video was originally posted to YouTube.

Small House Society News – Nov 2020

1 Nov 2020


It’s been a while since I last checked in with you. I hope you are doing well.

As you’re probably aware, it’s been a busy year for those involved in smaller simpler living. With many businesses having shifted to a work at home, people are re-thinking when and how they want to live. So the increase in small, simple, economical living is on the rise.

This year I’ve continued working with educators, journalists, as well as small house dwellers and builders. Much has been going on behind the scenes that hasn’t made it into our website or social media feeds.

As you may have heard, Yahoo Groups will be discontinued on December 15, so we’re asking subscribers to please signup for our MailChimp powered newsletter. [Subscribe]

I’m interested to hear back from you about what you’d like to see more of in the year ahead. Are you a small house builder, dweller, blogger? How can the Small House Society better serve your needs and interests? What do you think the priorities and goals should be in the months ahead? Would you like more updates by email? If yes, should they be weekly, monthly, quarterly? Feel free to use the contact form below or our contact page to share your thoughts.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!


Please Share Your Thoughts Below – Thanks!

2019 Small House Society Annual Fundraiser


Our annual fundraising campaign is now underway.

As we enter our 17th year, please consider a donation to help us have greater impact. [DONATE]

Additional funding helps us do more to serve the small house movement by: responding to media requests, helping builders and buyers connect, promoting events, answering questions from those new to small living, giving public presentations, and speaking to students in K-12 and higher education.

When you give, your name can go on our leaderboard of paying members.


Media Request: Small Housers Needed for Retirement Publication Article

Organization: Susannah Shmurak

Type of media: Retirement Publication

Contact: Susannah Shmurak

Deadline: Most helpful if we can fit in an interview by 24 Feb 2019

Location: Seeking any small house dwellers regardless of location.


“I’m writing an article on tiny homes for a retirement publication and was hoping someone over 55 who lives in a tiny house might have time for a brief interview in the next couple weeks. Please contact me at if so. Many thanks!”



Your Tiny House Photos and Videos Needed by French TV Producer

Organization: TF1 – French Television

Type of media: Television / Video

Contact: Emma Derome

Deadline: Friday, 15 Jun 2018

Location: Global


I’m a journalist working on a short TV program that will be broadcasted on TF1, the main french TV channel.

It focuses on the future of dwelling, and one of the episode will be about tiny houses. We would like to present the small house society as one of the examples.

Do you have any pictures/videos in HD to share ? If you agree, we would need you to file an authorization form so we can broadcast the pictures. These pictures will of course be used with mention of the credits.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward for your reply,

Emma Derome


For Sale: The Amazing Tiny House Built in 72 Hours!

Imagine owning a home and being able to have the assembly video for your own tiny house! The amazing tiny home featured in the video below is now for sale and is currently located in Des Moines, Iowa. Was $65k, now asking $45k. Contact us for further details.

When you purchase this house, and mention you discovered it by way of the Small House Society, a small portion of your purchase will go to help our efforts, so please keep us in mind. Thanks!