Portland City Code Regarding Portable Homes

“Meanwhile, Portland City Code Title 29, which includes Property Maintenance Regulations, defines a manufactured home under the Dwelling Classifications section as “a structure constructed for movement on the public highways that has sleeping, cooking, and plumbing facilities, that is intended for human occupancy, that is being used for, or is intended to be used for, residential purposes, and that was constructed in accordance with federal manufactured housing construction and safety standards and regulations” (29.10.020.T.7). While it might initially appear that a tiny house might more accurately fit this description because they are often designed for more permanent use, national manufactured home standards specify that a manufactured homes must be at least 8 foot wide, or 40 feet long, for a footprint of at least 320 square feet (“Chapter 70” 42.70.5401).”

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One thought on “Portland City Code Regarding Portable Homes

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