Hearthouse Tiny House Community in Washington State

Janet Thome
Janet Thome

I have 2 acres in rural central Washington State. The tiny town is 2 hours from Spokane and 40 minutes from Moses Lake. We are 15 minutes from Odessa, a small town of 900 people and it has a hospital.

My desire for a community is for each of us to have our own sovereign unit where we can all have our privacy and cherished alone time and come together as supporting friends.

I have a brand new Tiny House available now, 1 spot for someone who has their own Tiny House and needs parking, starting in May 2015.

I will also consider bartering with the person who wants the parking spot for someone who loves to make beautiful gardens. I can barter for 6 months, especially if you can grow beautiful food.

I am desiring to find others who want to make a stand with me and be the change we want the world to be.  No GMO seeds or poison are allowed and you must use biodegradable products. We have a greenhouse and are doing Aquaponics.


Below is a map showing the area near the tiny house village.

8 thoughts on “Hearthouse Tiny House Community in Washington State

  1. We need more information, are you going to rent spaces or sell individual lots ?? How large are the spaces ? what services are available at the spaces ? and of course the big question,,, how much ??

  2. This is amazing! I wish I had found out about you guys before my last trip out there to come and check it out. My husband’s family lives out there and we are looking to move soon. Well I will be keeping an eye out for you guys now~!

  3. I would love to be in touch, know more and possibly come see the area later this year. This sounds like a great mission. Be the change!! 🙂

  4. I am interested in moving to a tiny house community in Washington State, and wish to build a new way of life with other like minded people. I am a teacher and also a Jack of many other trades.

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