The JotHouse Online Interactive Small Home Planning Survey

In 2007 we learned of the inspiring small homes from the wonderful people at Now, you can visit and use their interactive online survey for those planning to build a small home. Take a look!


3 thoughts on “The JotHouse Online Interactive Small Home Planning Survey

  1. I love these houses. As a single disabled woman on a limited income, I couldn’t afford any of these without going hungry. I am going to end up homeless because the rent is too high, and I have 4 small dogs. I have been following the tiny and small house movement for years, and decided that when my own home is ready to sell, (I had to borrow a lot of money to make is sellable), I would sell my home, pay off the lenders, and get a small home for my 4 chi mixes and myself. Now, it is too expensive to purchase a tiny home, and, being disabled I can help build one, but not completely. I can buy the land, but can only afford 35K for a 2 BR with loft, and 1 and a half baths. Where do I find that? Who can help me with that? I think you are targeting the wealthy now, and that was not what the Tiny House and Small Home community started for. I am heartsick that I will be homeless when I sell my home. I will not break even. I will not lose my dogs though. They have been my strength on my bad days, which there are many. If anyone knows where I can get a small house kit, or modular/manufactured for 35K or less, please let me know. I worked 8 years on this house to sell it. I tore my rotator cuff 3 times, and my back is gone now from pulling up termite damaged flooring and replacing it, sanding it, staining it, and polyurethaning it. All I kept thinking about was the small house I would be able to get. Now, I can’t afford one. I am heartsick, and angry. Not at you. At the people who are forcing ppl like me to be homeless, because they want to make more money than they should. Your homes are gorgeous. They really are. Best wishes for your continued success.

  2. I just looked at their site. You’re right, there will be many of us retired ladies unable to shop here. $$$

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