2 thoughts on “‘Tiny homes’ in high demand (ABC, 8 Apr 2022)

  1. People are being forced to either rent (rent is theft) or to sign up for 30 years of debt slavery to buy one of those big homes. A big expensive home is not a way to accumulate generational wealth. A big, expensive home CONSUMES your wealth. We have an affordable housing crisis in this country. We do not have an affordable vehicle crisis because we don’t have restrictions against owning affordable vehicles nor do we have restrictions against driving your affordable vehicle on our roadways. That would be crazy because people need transportation. But people need housing. Shelter is a necessity of life while transportation is not.

    We need a housing emancipation proclamation: as long as a home is not a threat to anyone’s health or safety, then any restriction against that home is null and void. That would save us from having to duke it out in court to show that all these restrictions are a misapplication of the police power, to provide for the health and safety of the community at large. The cancer of exclusionary zoning has spread all across America and we need to get our housing freedom back. There would be all kinds of people living everywhere with mixed income neighborhoods. It would be a lot harder to gerrymander or gentrify.

    I never would’ve moved my singlewide out of that mobile home park near Detroit where I lived for 18 years IF I just could’ve OWNED that small lot instead of having to rent that lot. I was paying enough in lot rent every two years to just buy that lot. My singlewide is 14 x 52 and the lot was 26 by 60. Big enough to run a driveway along the length of the home if I relocated a door to the front of the house instead of off to the side.

    It took years to end the homeowner’s association out here at Rocky Fork Lake. But they did it. It gives me a great deal of peace of mind to know that if anything ever happens to my singlewide, then all housing options are on the table. I’ve seen some travel trailers and some motorhomes come in since the HOA was ended. I’ve also seen some small, regular homes get built too. It is so nice to have housing freedom here.

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