Higher Education Researcher Seeks Small Housers

Researcher Name: Beth N. Rossheim, Ph.D.


Phone Number: 757 229-1070

OrganizationThe College of William and Mary

DepartmentDepartment of Art and Architecture

Deadline: I would like to conduct these interviews between now and January 2016; sooner is better!


I am conducting architectural research at The College of William and Mary on the “tiny house” movement in North America, looking both for significant historical precedents and the philosophical motivation of users. This material will be the basis of an article and a university presentation. As well, I intend to design and build a model of a typical tiny house with the university architecture professor.

My request is for an opportunity to interview owners and/or occupants of tiny houses to expand my understanding of their desire and commitment to live small. The interview will be by telephone or e-mail, but will not be recorded or video taped. All names will be used or not used according to the wishes of the individual(s) involved. I would be very grateful for the opportunity to talk with you. This is planned as an open-ended interview with no intrusive questions.


Ideally, I would like to connect with individuals (single or couples or families) who have built and are occupying a tiny house. I do not need to limit this to individuals in my area although that would be ideal. I estimate the time of the interview at 15 minutes; more could be added if the individual(s) are eager to discuss their motivation for this lifestyle.

Thanks so much for your willingness to share this experience and your personal commitment to this dramatic housing movement.

Beth Rossheim