Small House Society Annual Fundraiser

At the start of each new year, we focus on fundraising for only a few weeks. 

Donations help us have greater impact throughout the year ahead in promoting and supporting the small house movement.

You can give using PayPal or Fundly by clicking below, or by sending a check to: Small House Society, PO Box 2717, Iowa City, IA 52244-2717.


Thanks for Your Support!


Small House Society Paying Members 2013

We want to thank everyone who donated in 2013 and supported our work throughout the year. If you donated and your name isn’t listed below, please let us know.

2013 Paying Members

We have thousands of people signed up for our monthly newsletter and online discussion forums. However, our list of paying members is much smaller. Below you’ll find our list of paying members, donors, and supporters for 2013.

$10 Level

  • Anne B.,
  • Brian N., San Luis, CO
  • Bruce W., Bristol, NH
  • Duane C., Gentry, AR
  • In My Case, Belmont, MA
  • Jeanette L., Chehalis, WA
  • Roy M., Austin, TX

$25 Level

  • Lisa C., Big Bear Lake, CA

$30 Level

  • Albert A., Orlando, FL
  • Dale L.
  • Randall G., Brookline, MO
  • Robert L.

Contributions from Advertising Revenue