The $300 House Project


Students in Associate Professor of Engineering Vicki May’s “Structural Analysis” class have designed and built components for a prototype that could influence The $300 House project designs for the neediest families displaced by the 2010 earthquake in Fond des Blancs, Haiti. A construction team will be led by Thayer School of Engineering lecturer Jack Wilson and Geisel School of Medicine Professor Peter Wright in collaboration with the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation. [More…]

“The $300 House was first described in a Harvard Business Review blog post by Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar. Initially, we just wanted to put the idea out there, but now, due to the tremendous response, we’ve decided to see how far we can go toward making it a reality. We are now working on pilot projects in Haiti and multiple locations in India.” [More…]

As illustrated in the diagram above, the $300 House seems to have some contradictions to it. The “house” is more of a shelter, and a disclaimer should state that the tablet computer, water filter, and solar panels aren’t included in the $300 price. It seems odd that someone would have a $300 house, but a tablet computer that might cost as much as the house or more.