Kai Rostcheck Launches TinyHouseDating.com and TinyHouseLending.com


Kai Rostcheck has launched several important tiny house websites:

  • TinyHouseDating.com – “We help connect people who’s values are based (at least in part) around “right-sizing” their lives. This includes We the Tiny House People (of course) and other related folks like minimalists and environmentalists. If this sounds like you, welcome. We’d like to help me you meet someone special.” TreeHugger wrote a nice article about this site.
  • ILoveTinyHouses.com – This is a very useful resource for finding tiny house marketing materials to promote the small house movement.
  • TinyHouseLending.com – “We’re a community-based, peer-to-peer micro-lending platform. It’s a new way for people to finance their Tiny House builds and purchases at low interest rates, without banks. And it’s based on the same idea as Kiva, which has lent over $530 million to 1.2 million borrowers from 1 million lenders at a repayment rate of nearly 99%. We are nearly ready to begin building our platform, and could be offering Tiny House loans as early as May 2014. If this sounds good to you, please tell us how you would like to participate…” (more…)