Shepherd Huts as Tiny Homes

About Shepherd Huts

The clean lines and minimalist design of shepherd huts make them highly desirable as tiny homes. Although small in size, their open and spacious interior accommodates a variety of  changing floor plans for multiple uses throughout the day. With plenty of windows and available wall space, there is plenty of natural light, and a feeling of openness to the world around you.


The photos below show interiors of various shepherd huts that people have designed.

Low Maintenance Design

Because of their practical and simple design, when properly constructed, shepherds huts can be very low maintenance. They typically have metal roof design, and some have metal siding as seen in the examples below.

Shepherd Hut Manufacturers

Rebecca and Larry Cameron of Northern Michigan have been shepherd hut enthusiasts for years, and after extensive research into their design, they now offer some of the finest quality shepherd huts in North America. Their business is Pixie Palace Hut Company. Their shepherd hut design is shown below.



In creating a dwelling for year-round use, it’s important to have plenty of insulation. Below you can see the flooring insulation in Rebecca and Larry’s shepherd hut design.


Transporting a Shepherd Hut

Because of their relatively light weight, one-level design, and low profile wheels, the shepherd hut can be transported using a standard vehicle trailer as shown below.


Global Interest

The maps below show some of the visits to this page from around the world in the first few hours after posting the article. This suggests a broad interest in shepherd huts.