Airbnb Let’s You Experience Various Homes and Locations

For anyone thinking about purchasing a home, or building one, Airbnb lets you experience a variety of homes, and even visit various cities for those seeking a new community to call home. The videos below offer an introduction to Airbnb. There are some wonderful tiny homes as well.

KLM Airlines

The video below shows how KLM airlines created an apartment in the sky.

Airbnb in Delhi

Nalin works in the software industry in Delhi. Hosting is one of the most fulfilling things he does, and he also enjoys being the guest on his various travels.

Hosts of Airbnb

Here are various stories about hosts of Airbnb.

Airbnb Events and Venues

Videos about special Airbnb events and venues.

Belong Anywhere

In May 2012, an Airbnb guest, Cathrine, told us a powerful story of a trip she took to Berlin with her father, Jörg, a Berlin Wall guard at the height of the Cold War. She wanted to show him the vibrant city Berlin had become, but it was the man they met at their Airbnb apartment that changed everything for Jörg. Discover more at

The videos below share the Belong Anywhere story.



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