Land Caretaker Opportunities Directory

Many of you responded positively to the post from Janet Thome of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins about her need for a caretaker. As a result of the overwhelming response she received, Janet assembled the caretakers opportunities list below for those still seeking a land caretaker opportunity.

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2 December 2014

I am very excited regarding all the interest in my Caretaker position and the other possibilities for my community in Marlin, Wa. The only bad thing is I cannot take everyone and it will be very difficult to choose. I want to thank everyone who shared my post, I am very grateful. I am going to take my time on deciding,  so please feel free to contact me. I will spend the next few weekends talking to people.

Because I cannot take everyone, I would very much like to help pass on some  information where there are other communities and care taking  possibilities. The fact that my post wanting a caretaker was viewed over 97.000 times tells me there is a great need and interest. I hope these resources help others.

The Caretaker’s Gazette

The Caretaker’s  Gazette is a wonderful resource to find care taking positions all over the world. It is very affordable to get a yearly subscription. You can put an ad in if you are seeking a position or if you need a care taker. They also do regular emails listing new opportunities.

Intentional Communities

Intentional Communities is a website listing intentional communities all over the world. They usually have their homes and land established and are often looking for workers and members to join. You can list a free ad.

Workers On Wheels

Workers on Wheels is a free resource to find paying positions as a care taker or a camp ground host if you have your own RV or tiny house on wheels.

New Community Outside Of Eugene

There is a new Tiny House community forming 2 hours from Eugene, Oregon in a very rural location. It is on 10 acres and it will have full hook ups for tiny houses and RV’S.  It is so new it does not have a name yet, but I am going to work with the owner to send people his way, so please contact me if you want to know more about this community. He does not have a website yet. I will add more information as I get it.



Janet Thome is the proprietor of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins in Marlin, Washington.

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