Microhouse Video by Portlandia Features Tiny House Satire

NOTE: As of 20 Jan 2023, the video mentioned below is no longer public. [Source]

Today, for the first time in over 12 years we had a member leave the Small House Society. So, the Small House Society is now a little smaller. Here’s what happened…

In response to the above video posted to our Facebook page, Mary P. stated:

“this shot will definately get me to ‘unlike’ …. sorry … we all know IT happens …. I’m guessing you’re trying to build up your likes ….. if this is so …. then I, for one will have to say bye bye ….. seriously??? I’ve seen WAY too many other FB pages that actually know how to build a desk seperate from the toilet …. SHAME!!!!”

Mary left before we could respond to her.

We’re thankful to everyone for the lively Facebook discussion and many positive comments/likes in response to this video. For the few people, like Mary, who were upset about the video, we wanted to respond with the following.

This video appears to have been created by people close to the small house movement, and we assume it was not mean spirited or meant to offend.

It may have been created as a way of being satirical and self-effacing, or it may have been created as an effort to be mean and try to discredit the small house movement and tiny house dwellers. Either way, it belongs here as part of the larger discussion about simple and small living.

We don’t silence and censor our critics. To the extent that people have criticisms about the small house movement, we want to hear those criticisms, reflect on them, respond courteously, and work to improve what we do.

For this reason, in any movement, it is essential to become the authoritative source and platform for the criticism of your movement. Instead of censoring others in an effort to create a cult-like myopic sectarian strict observance of narrow dogma, it’s important to have a diversity of ideas, the ability to laugh at yourself, and recognize your own faults or areas that can improve.

This is the spirit upon which the Small House Society was founded, and in that spirit we continue.

9 thoughts on “Microhouse Video by Portlandia Features Tiny House Satire

  1. I love the tiny houses. If i had the money i would have one today. Shame on her for criticizing on fb. That’s for sharing good things. I LOVE THEM!!!!

  2. This video cracked me up! We’ll done. Love the movement and I can’t believe anyone would be offended. Well, gotta get back to my novel – I’m on page 3!

  3. Wow! I thought it was funny. Not hilarious, but funny. I can laugh at myself. Got me to see what Portlandia is all about. Mostly harmless.

  4. Loved the video! So funny cute! Let’s face it, if you are going to live in a tiny house, you kind of need a sense of humor.

  5. gosh, sometimes people leave groups b/c they’re cranky/there’safullmoon/they forgot to eat breakfast… not to worry.

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