Your Home Is Your Castle, No Matter Its Size

We all know our homes come in many sizes and shapes. The castles, mansions all the way down to the condo, apartment, modular, mobile, or the Mini, Small, Tiny, Miniscule etc. They all have one thing in common….

The amount of floor space or sq. footage is what we all have to presently live/work within its confines unless we add more outside dimensional space. These dimensional changes are usually special designed roofs to make attic space, tip-out in walls and/or windows such as bay windows etc., adding room additions, and even adding a basement/cellar to get more living/ working space.

Those restrictions/solutions may not be all the options. Presently, there is patent pending construction/design options to possibly allow anyone to add extra living/working space that a home has without adding any outside dimensional changes to an existing home…regardless of its size.

I am not talking about padded storage boxes that act as kitchen seats, or beds that are atop of a storage locker, or closets buried in all the different wall spaces, or pull down beds etc. Nor am I talking about the sliding walls or sliding storage shelves that you may have seen elsewhere either. I am talking about patent pending new ways to actually provide you an addition 25-40% more living/ working utilization space within the set confines of the sq. footage that you have to live with.

I am not at liberty at this time to go into a lot of details. However, I will share more specific information (same narrative information presented to Provisional Patent Office), with those that contact me. I would like to know if there is an interest in this or not, as I am in the process of building a table model top model (about 90% finished), showing the basic concepts in action.

Yes, I am the inventor of these concepts, and I am very interested in talking with those that are interested and/or wanting to pursue what I feel would be a very profitable business development agreement. The options are vast and world-wide in scope.

My email: is I would enjoy hearing from you as to your level of interest. I promise I will do my very best to reply to all those that contact me in a very timely manner.

Thanks for your time and interest in reading this. I hope to have a video completed in early 2015.

Lee Marcum


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