Media Request: Courier-Post of South Jersey Seeks Small Housers

OrganizationCourier-Post of South Jersey

Type of media: Newspaper & Digital

Contact: Shannon Eblen

Deadline: 11 October 2015


Hi, I’m the features reporter for the Courier-Post, a South Jersey newspaper. I’m working on a story based around the growing popularity of tiny houses, “How to live small.” I want to talk to people who have moved into tiny houses about why they chose the lifestyle, and how they pared down their belongings and built their houses, as well as the architects or builders, preferably in the South Jersey area, who specialize in this style.


2 thoughts on “Media Request: Courier-Post of South Jersey Seeks Small Housers

  1. Hi I have an idea along your same lines.I am currently scaling down to buy a tiny home.I as a business women have a great idea for a private entity .The small of it is to live with a small footprint yet open the minds of those who mostly want to leave a big one.
    It is somewhat of a riddle but I am looking for a serious partner in N.J to take these mansions away or at least stop the madness.
    It is a true and thorough business idea with great potential.
    Truly I can’t build a tiny home but I can sell them in good conscience .
    Best Andria Fort

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