Media Request: Small Housers Needed for Retirement Publication Article

Organization: Susannah Shmurak

Type of media: Retirement Publication

Contact: Susannah Shmurak

Deadline: Most helpful if we can fit in an interview by 24 Feb 2019

Location: Seeking any small house dwellers regardless of location.


“I’m writing an article on tiny homes for a retirement publication and was hoping someone over 55 who lives in a tiny house might have time for a brief interview in the next couple weeks. Please contact me at if so. Many thanks!”



Your Tiny House Photos and Videos Needed by French TV Producer

Organization: TF1 – French Television

Type of media: Television / Video

Contact: Emma Derome

Deadline: Friday, 15 Jun 2018

Location: Global


I’m a journalist working on a short TV program that will be broadcasted on TF1, the main french TV channel.

It focuses on the future of dwelling, and one of the episode will be about tiny houses. We would like to present the small house society as one of the examples.

Do you have any pictures/videos in HD to share ? If you agree, we would need you to file an authorization form so we can broadcast the pictures. These pictures will of course be used with mention of the credits.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward for your reply,

Emma Derome


Media Request: RV Magazine Seeks Small Housers

OrganizationRV PRO

Type of media: Magazine

Contact: Contact the Small House Society

Email: Use our Contact Page

Deadline: Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Location: North America


“Seeking anyone nationwide who is knowledgeable about tiny home manufacturing and sales trends, and can speak about the tiny home movement and its ties to RVs. If it’s by phone, I would anticipate it taking no more than 20 minutes. I am in Austin, Texas.”


Media Request: Courier-Post of South Jersey Seeks Small Housers

OrganizationCourier-Post of South Jersey

Type of media: Newspaper & Digital

Contact: Shannon Eblen

Deadline: 11 October 2015


Hi, I’m the features reporter for the Courier-Post, a South Jersey newspaper. I’m working on a story based around the growing popularity of tiny houses, “How to live small.” I want to talk to people who have moved into tiny houses about why they chose the lifestyle, and how they pared down their belongings and built their houses, as well as the architects or builders, preferably in the South Jersey area, who specialize in this style.


Casting Call: Planning to own a tiny home? We Want You!

Are you planning to buy a Tiny House? Have you always dreamed of living in a luxury home? Now you can have both! Don’t downgrade when you downsize!

HGTV in association with Bodega Pictures are now seeking families, couples and individuals who are looking to build or own a tiny home. Candidates will be introduced to a highly skilled, top-of-the-line tiny home manufacturing team to design and build a 100% customized house that boasts high-end amenities creature comforts and above average design and detail. This is your chance to live in a premium quality home tailored to your desires and your unique personality!

Having the home of your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank!


Important: To submit please email your name, location, your budget range, FULL contact information (phone and email) recent photos of yourselves and a brief bio describing why you are interested in owning a tiny home.

* Interested candidates must be located in the U.S. and plan to either build or buy a tiny house within the Fall of 2015 or by Early 2016.



Media Request: Boston University Thesis Project

Organization: Thesis Project at Boston University

Type of media: Film/Video

Contact: Emily Schulz


Phone: (540) 993-3538

Deadline: 22 September 2015



My name is Emily Schulz, I am a student at Boston University, getting my Master’s in Film. I currently live in Los Angeles until December. My thesis project is a script for a documentary I am working on. The documentary is about the tiny house movement, specifically the tiny house community.

I am looking for a few friends to help answer some questions for me, in hopes to use your statements in my project. I would be asking questions about your involvement in the community, your backgrounds in how you got involved, and relationships you have made through the tiny house lifestyle. I am preferably looking for people who have either already built their house, or are currently living in it. That being said, the more people I could speak to the better.

If you are interested, or you know someone who would be interested in helping me out, please contact me! You can reach me though email or through phone number. I would love to hear from any and all of you!

Best Wishes Wherever You Are.


Note: We’ve had some people posting comments here on this page in response to the above. Instead, please contact the person directly as indicated above. Thanks!

Media Request: Public Radio Seeks Small Housers


Type of media: Public Radio

Contact: Sasa Woodruff


Deadline: 30 September 2015


I’m a freelance journalist working for a public radio station. I’m currently in Bratislava, Slovakia and would do interview via Skype. I’m working on a story about an off-the-grid ecopod and would like to talk to an expert in the movement who could discuss how this one compares to other ones on the market. The interview should take 15-30 minutes. Please email me so we can arrange an interview. Thank you!



Media Request: Producer Seeks Small House Builder

Organization: Pink Sneakers Production

Type of media: Video

Contact: Trish


Deadline: Friday, 3 April 2015

Location: North America


Seeking family owned and operated small home building company that has sold homes for waterfront locations (e.g. river, lake, ocean). The documentary show to be produced will focus on one building company only. The show will be recorded at the builder’s location. Would like to have a Skype or phone conversation with prospective candidates on or before Friday, 3 April 2015.


#TinyHouseNation Seeks People Planning to Build a Tiny House

Organization: FYI Network and Tiny House Nation

Type of media: Video

Contact Email:


Loud Television and FYI, an A+E network, are seeking prospective tiny house owners for season three of “Tiny House Nation.” Cameras will follow tiny house-obsessed people who are building or planning to build with our expert team of designers who specialize in one-of-a-kind and fully functional designs that maximize small spaces. Each design will suit the unique needs of each client while significantly increasing the value of the property.

We are seeking people who are building or planning to build any type of tiny houses (house types include cabins, cottages, mobile homes, floating homes, container conversion homes, vacation homes, second homes, etc.). All applicants should have an allotted, available budget and have specific ideas and plans in place as it relates to their purchase and/or build of their home.

For inquiries or to apply, email the following information to name, location, renovation budget, information on who lives with you, why you want to live in a tiny home, and what you would like your space to look like. Additionally, please include photos of who lives in your home as well as contact information.


Small House Society on National Public Radio (Boston)

Greg Johnson of the Small House Society was featured on a special OnPoint radio broadcast along with Chris Leinberger, director of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at the George Washington University Business School. Other guests included tiny house dwellers from across the nation. The show aired 4 March 2015 on National Public Radio (Boston, WBUR).

Listen Now. Use the player below to listen to the show.