#TinyHouseNation Seeks People Planning to Build a Tiny House

Organization: FYI Network and Tiny House Nation

Type of media: Video

Contact Email: casting@loudtelevision.com


Loud Television and FYI, an A+E network, are seeking prospective tiny house owners for season three of “Tiny House Nation.” Cameras will follow tiny house-obsessed people who are building or planning to build with our expert team of designers who specialize in one-of-a-kind and fully functional designs that maximize small spaces. Each design will suit the unique needs of each client while significantly increasing the value of the property.

We are seeking people who are building or planning to build any type of tiny houses (house types include cabins, cottages, mobile homes, floating homes, container conversion homes, vacation homes, second homes, etc.). All applicants should have an allotted, available budget and have specific ideas and plans in place as it relates to their purchase and/or build of their home.

For inquiries or to apply, email the following information to casting@loudtelevision.com: name, location, renovation budget, information on who lives with you, why you want to live in a tiny home, and what you would like your space to look like. Additionally, please include photos of who lives in your home as well as contact information.