Media Request: EBS, South Korea, Seeks Small Housers on West Coast

20110929th-media-request-tv-episodeOrganization: EBS, South Korea

Type of media: Television, radio & web content

Contact: Moon Lee


Area: Seeking people in the west coast areas like Portland, San Francisco, California etc.

Deadline: Need to film no later than November 11th, 2014.
Hopefully earlier than that.


Hi, my name is Moon Lee and I am a member of Korean documentary team in public TV channel EBS, which is similar to PBS in the United States.

We are preparing for a documentary about “Tiny Houses”, and we are looking for a unique examples of people living in a tiny houses. It could be unique shape of the tiny houses or some people with unique characteristics, or stories.

We hope we can interview some people who have changed their mind to live in the tiny houses and also some people who helps others live in tiny houses.

With the interview, we were wondering if we can films some interior of the tiny houses as well.

Please reply us back if anyone interested.
We want to film some as soon as possible.


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