Media Request: AARP Magazine Writer Seeks Small Housers

Organization: Freelance writer and editor working on an article for AARP magazine (which reaches 23 million readers)

Type of media: Magazine, Print Media

ContactLorraine Glennon


Deadline: 2 December 2014


For a feature in AARP magazine, I am looking for couples in their mid to late 60s who have retired in the past five years to a tiny house in an especially scenic setting–no particular state, since AARP has a nationwide readership. The inside of the house, too, should be visually appealing in a way that design-conscious readers will appreciate. The house will be photographed for the article, as will the owners. If someone you know meets this description, please contact me asap at the email or phone number above. I am on very tight deadline for this story, so feel free to email or call during the weekend. I’ll be at my desk! LG


2 thoughts on “Media Request: AARP Magazine Writer Seeks Small Housers

  1. I find it difficult to take you seriously when you post on 11/27 when you say that the deadline is 11/26. My house is probably what you really need to write about, but your timing is off. As much as I’d love the opportunity to offer my house as a perfect example of what a senior woman would need to think about to live the perfect tiny house lifestyle, I think that you don’t get it.
    If you would like to see how a person downsizes when it’s necessary, you might want to contact me. You would have to give more notice, though.

    1. Hi Jane, Sorry about the delay in posting. We received notice of the request late, however it’s likely the story isn’t submitted yet. I’m sure the person making the request would still be delighted to hear from you. Feel free to reach out. Thanks.

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