Media Request: KMBZ Radio in Kansas City Seeks Small Housers

Organization: KMBZ Radio, Kansas City

Type of media: A Kansas City news and talk radio station at 98.1 FM and 980 AM.

Contact: Sarah Scott


Phone: (913) 744-3943 or (816) 405-2325 [mobile].

Address: 7000 Squibb Road, Mission, Kansas

Deadline: (to be announced)


KMBZ is working on a story about tiny homes in the Kansas City area. I’m looking for every aspect for this story – someone who’s planning to build, someone who’s in the process, a person who already lives in a tiny home, and anybody who is working to build up a tiny home community in the Kansas City area.

Looking for people in the Kansas City area. I’m willing to drive a bit for interviews.

I will be out of the office over the weekend, but feel free to try my cell phone if you’d like to set something up. (816) 405-2325.


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