Your Tiny House Photos and Videos Needed by French TV Producer

Organization: TF1 – French Television

Type of media: Television / Video

Contact: Emma Derome

Deadline: Friday, 15 Jun 2018

Location: Global


I’m a journalist working on a short TV program that will be broadcasted on TF1, the main french TV channel.

It focuses on the future of dwelling, and one of the episode will be about tiny houses. We would like to present the small house society as one of the examples.

Do you have any pictures/videos in HD to share ? If you agree, we would need you to file an authorization form so we can broadcast the pictures. These pictures will of course be used with mention of the credits.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward for your reply,

Emma Derome


2 thoughts on “Your Tiny House Photos and Videos Needed by French TV Producer

  1. Here’s a link to just one of my Facebook albums. All my albums are public. Feel free to look at any or all of them and copy any pictures or videos that you wish. Thanks.

    James R. Herman
    10827 Hiawatha Dr
    Hillsboro OH 45133-8402

    I only had the 180 degree 8 bay antenna for two years. I did not water-proof any of the connections when I installed…

    Posted by James Herman on Monday, May 15, 2017

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