Media Request: Small Housers Needed for Retirement Publication Article

Organization: Susannah Shmurak

Type of media: Retirement Publication

Contact: Susannah Shmurak

Deadline: Most helpful if we can fit in an interview by 24 Feb 2019

Location: Seeking any small house dwellers regardless of location.


“I’m writing an article on tiny homes for a retirement publication and was hoping someone over 55 who lives in a tiny house might have time for a brief interview in the next couple weeks. Please contact me at if so. Many thanks!”



2 thoughts on “Media Request: Small Housers Needed for Retirement Publication Article

  1. We just moved after living tiny for 18 years – 7 years in a 180SF camper while I built our 450SF Shiny Tiny Mansion . We lived in that Tiny for the next 11 years. We finally moved into an enormous 1500SF home last October for a myriad of reasons. We are both 59. Fine to contact us if you want 😉 Thanks, Ron and Sue Corl 

  2. Single senior in fun retirement…I purchased a shed (soft 225) and for a year I’ve been working to make it my lil glam retirement home. I’m in Texas. I haven’t completed the attached bath ($) . I painted the entire ugly inside. No one could imagine how dark and ugly it was. The wood is so crazy. I had to put 2 coats KILZ and 2 coats of paint. I finally killed that old dark look.

    I paid $5000 cash and have put in $20k, all from my monthly retirement budget.

    It’s becoming home and I’m blessed.

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