Media Request: Producer Seeks Small House Builder

Organization: Pink Sneakers Production

Type of media: Video

Contact: Trish


Deadline: Friday, 3 April 2015

Location: North America


Seeking family owned and operated small home building company that has sold homes for waterfront locations (e.g. river, lake, ocean). The documentary show to be produced will focus on one building company only. The show will be recorded at the builder’s location. Would like to have a Skype or phone conversation with prospective candidates on or before Friday, 3 April 2015.


Small House Society on WWL Radio New Orleans

On 5 March 2015, at 12:10 PM Central Time, Greg Johnson of the Small House Society will be interviewed by Garland Robinette for “The Think Tank” on WWL New Orleans.

At 12:35 PM, Garland will be interviewing Chris Leinberger, director of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at the George Washington University Business School.

Listen Now. Use the player below to listen to the show now.



#TinyHouseNation Seeks People Planning to Build a Tiny House

Organization: FYI Network and Tiny House Nation

Type of media: Video

Contact Email:


Loud Television and FYI, an A+E network, are seeking prospective tiny house owners for season three of “Tiny House Nation.” Cameras will follow tiny house-obsessed people who are building or planning to build with our expert team of designers who specialize in one-of-a-kind and fully functional designs that maximize small spaces. Each design will suit the unique needs of each client while significantly increasing the value of the property.

We are seeking people who are building or planning to build any type of tiny houses (house types include cabins, cottages, mobile homes, floating homes, container conversion homes, vacation homes, second homes, etc.). All applicants should have an allotted, available budget and have specific ideas and plans in place as it relates to their purchase and/or build of their home.

For inquiries or to apply, email the following information to name, location, renovation budget, information on who lives with you, why you want to live in a tiny home, and what you would like your space to look like. Additionally, please include photos of who lives in your home as well as contact information.


Small House Society on National Public Radio (Boston)

Greg Johnson of the Small House Society was featured on a special OnPoint radio broadcast along with Chris Leinberger, director of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at the George Washington University Business School. Other guests included tiny house dwellers from across the nation. The show aired 4 March 2015 on National Public Radio (Boston, WBUR).

Listen Now. Use the player below to listen to the show.


Media Request: HGTV Seeks Small Housers

Organization: HGTV

Type of media: Video

Contact: Jason Preston


Deadline: (to be announced)


Are you looking for or about to buy a tiny house – 500 square feet or smaller? If so, the producers of HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters” is currently casting for people buying tiny homes to feature on upcoming episodes. Energetic, fun and enthusiastic tiny house home buyers interested in being on Tiny House Hunters should email Or call Jason at (818-205-0640).


Microhouse Video by Portlandia Features Tiny House Satire



Today, for the first time in over 12 years we had a member leave the Small House Society. So, the Small House Society is now a little smaller. Here’s what happened…

In response to the above video posted to our Facebook page, Mary P. stated:

“this shot will definately get me to ‘unlike’ …. sorry … we all know IT happens …. I’m guessing you’re trying to build up your likes ….. if this is so …. then I, for one will have to say bye bye ….. seriously??? I’ve seen WAY too many other FB pages that actually know how to build a desk seperate from the toilet …. SHAME!!!!”

Mary left before we could respond to her.

We’re thankful to everyone for the lively Facebook discussion and many positive comments/likes in response to this video. For the few people, like Mary, who were upset about the video, we wanted to respond with the following.

This video appears to have been created by people close to the small house movement, and we assume it was not mean spirited or meant to offend.

It may have been created as a way of being satirical and self-effacing, or it may have been created as an effort to be mean and try to discredit the small house movement and tiny house dwellers. Either way, it belongs here as part of the larger discussion about simple and small living.

We don’t silence and censor our critics. To the extent that people have criticisms about the small house movement, we want to hear those criticisms, reflect on them, respond courteously, and work to improve what we do.

For this reason, in any movement, it is essential to become the authoritative source and platform for the criticism of your movement. Instead of censoring others in an effort to create a cult-like myopic sectarian strict observance of narrow dogma, it’s important to have a diversity of ideas, the ability to laugh at yourself, and recognize your own faults or areas that can improve.

This is the spirit upon which the Small House Society was founded, and in that spirit we continue.

Media Request: San Diego Reader Seeks Small Housers

  • OrganizationSan Diego Reader
  • Type of media: Alternative, Weekly publication
  • Location: San Diego County
  • Contact: Moss Gropen, Esq.
  • Phone: (858) 271-1915*
  • Deadline: 16 January 2015


I’m writing a front-cover story on local “small/tiny” homes for the San Diego Reader. Accordingly, I’d like to interview San Diego area residents who live in these types of houses. (I’d also be interested in chatting with architects, builders and other locals who are involved in some way, including advocacy.)

Thank you for your kind assistance.

*please note that (858) 271-1915 is also my law office #


Media Request: KMBZ Radio in Kansas City Seeks Small Housers

Organization: KMBZ Radio, Kansas City

Type of media: A Kansas City news and talk radio station at 98.1 FM and 980 AM.

Contact: Sarah Scott


Phone: (913) 744-3943 or (816) 405-2325 [mobile].

Address: 7000 Squibb Road, Mission, Kansas

Deadline: (to be announced)


KMBZ is working on a story about tiny homes in the Kansas City area. I’m looking for every aspect for this story – someone who’s planning to build, someone who’s in the process, a person who already lives in a tiny home, and anybody who is working to build up a tiny home community in the Kansas City area.

Looking for people in the Kansas City area. I’m willing to drive a bit for interviews.

I will be out of the office over the weekend, but feel free to try my cell phone if you’d like to set something up. (816) 405-2325.


Media Request: AARP Magazine Writer Seeks Small Housers

Organization: Freelance writer and editor working on an article for AARP magazine (which reaches 23 million readers)

Type of media: Magazine, Print Media

ContactLorraine Glennon


Deadline: 2 December 2014


For a feature in AARP magazine, I am looking for couples in their mid to late 60s who have retired in the past five years to a tiny house in an especially scenic setting–no particular state, since AARP has a nationwide readership. The inside of the house, too, should be visually appealing in a way that design-conscious readers will appreciate. The house will be photographed for the article, as will the owners. If someone you know meets this description, please contact me asap at the email or phone number above. I am on very tight deadline for this story, so feel free to email or call during the weekend. I’ll be at my desk! LG


Media Request: EBS, South Korea, Seeks Small Housers on West Coast

20110929th-media-request-tv-episodeOrganization: EBS, South Korea

Type of media: Television, radio & web content

Contact: Moon Lee


Area: Seeking people in the west coast areas like Portland, San Francisco, California etc.

Deadline: Need to film no later than November 11th, 2014.
Hopefully earlier than that.


Hi, my name is Moon Lee and I am a member of Korean documentary team in public TV channel EBS, which is similar to PBS in the United States.

We are preparing for a documentary about “Tiny Houses”, and we are looking for a unique examples of people living in a tiny houses. It could be unique shape of the tiny houses or some people with unique characteristics, or stories.

We hope we can interview some people who have changed their mind to live in the tiny houses and also some people who helps others live in tiny houses.

With the interview, we were wondering if we can films some interior of the tiny houses as well.

Please reply us back if anyone interested.
We want to film some as soon as possible.


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