Canadian Student Launching Small House Business Needs Guidance

16 January 2015

Greetings Small House Society Members:

My name is Cory Stephens. I’m an Instructor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Victoria currently teaching a program in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.

We have a student in our program who is developing a contractor business specializing in Tiny House Construction for Aboriginal Communities in Northern British Columbia and Yukon.

As part of our entrepreneurship program, we include a mentorship component during which students work with mentors to validate business assumptions working towards development of a stronger business plan. Previously, our student a red-seal journeyman carpenter, has been the team manager for a small-house project completed in Altin, British Columbia (4 small houses built).

The small-house initiative was the inspiration for his new business and hopes to expand the small-house movement throughout Northern British Columbia and Yukon.

At this stage of his entrepreneurship program, our student is seeking a mentor which will provide guidance in developing his business plan and building his business.

Any referrals to a potential mentor for our student would be greatly appreciated.

Cory Stephens,
Program Manager, Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs


Media Request: San Diego Reader Seeks Small Housers

  • OrganizationSan Diego Reader
  • Type of media: Alternative, Weekly publication
  • Location: San Diego County
  • Contact: Moss Gropen, Esq.
  • Phone: (858) 271-1915*
  • Deadline: 16 January 2015


I’m writing a front-cover story on local “small/tiny” homes for the San Diego Reader. Accordingly, I’d like to interview San Diego area residents who live in these types of houses. (I’d also be interested in chatting with architects, builders and other locals who are involved in some way, including advocacy.)

Thank you for your kind assistance.

*please note that (858) 271-1915 is also my law office #


Land Caretaker Opportunities Directory

Many of you responded positively to the post from Janet Thome of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins about her need for a caretaker. As a result of the overwhelming response she received, Janet assembled the caretakers opportunities list below for those still seeking a land caretaker opportunity.

* * *

2 December 2014

I am very excited regarding all the interest in my Caretaker position and the other possibilities for my community in Marlin, Wa. The only bad thing is I cannot take everyone and it will be very difficult to choose. I want to thank everyone who shared my post, I am very grateful. I am going to take my time on deciding,  so please feel free to contact me. I will spend the next few weekends talking to people.

Because I cannot take everyone, I would very much like to help pass on some  information where there are other communities and care taking  possibilities. The fact that my post wanting a caretaker was viewed over 97.000 times tells me there is a great need and interest. I hope these resources help others.

The Caretaker’s Gazette

The Caretaker’s  Gazette is a wonderful resource to find care taking positions all over the world. It is very affordable to get a yearly subscription. You can put an ad in if you are seeking a position or if you need a care taker. They also do regular emails listing new opportunities.

Intentional Communities

Intentional Communities is a website listing intentional communities all over the world. They usually have their homes and land established and are often looking for workers and members to join. You can list a free ad.

Workers On Wheels

Workers on Wheels is a free resource to find paying positions as a care taker or a camp ground host if you have your own RV or tiny house on wheels.

New Community Outside Of Eugene

There is a new Tiny House community forming 2 hours from Eugene, Oregon in a very rural location. It is on 10 acres and it will have full hook ups for tiny houses and RV’S.  It is so new it does not have a name yet, but I am going to work with the owner to send people his way, so please contact me if you want to know more about this community. He does not have a website yet. I will add more information as I get it.



Janet Thome is the proprietor of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins in Marlin, Washington.

Publisher Seeks Author for Small House Movement Book

[The following request comes from Praeger Publishing. This is a great opportunity for the right author to partner with a team that has over 60 years of success in the publishing business.]


23 November 2014

I am an acquisitions editor at Praeger Publishing ( I am interested in developing a book on the small house movement, and am seeking an author for same. The book would examine the origins of the movement, how widespread it is, its broader environmental and social goals, etc… This would not be a how-to book but would provide a serious discussion and analysis of this phenomenon.

If you know of anyone–or more than one person–I might get into contact with about such a book project, please get back to me with their name and contact information. (If you do not feel comfortable giving out contact info, have them get in touch with me at:

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


James Ciment, PhD
Praeger Publishing
130 Cremona Drive
Santa Barbara CA 93117


About Praeger Publishing

Praeger publishes more than 100 books a year on topics that are relevant to what is happening around the world as well as what is of interest to our customers. Our editorial team’s deep subject knowledge guides students and general information seekers to move beyond preconceived notions by presenting multiple points of view on important topics. Our books include well-researched perspectives from distinguished scholars and experts to support college-level curricula with current, scholarly nonfiction coordinated to key areas of study. Praeger products meet the current needs of learners, presenting authoritative information on trending and relevant topics in innovative ways.

History and Mission

Frederick A. Praeger started his publishing company in 1950 with the primary focus of international studies with an emphasis on Eastern Europe and a subsidiary interest in art and archaeology. In 1965, the company began its journey through the hands of eight successive owners with its final home being ABC-CLIO. Since 2008, ABC-CLIO has been committed to maintaining and enhancing the vitality and integrity of the Praeger imprint while meeting the ever-changing needs within education both in academic and public libraries.

Today, Praeger provides expert perspectives in both contemporary and scholarly nonfiction covering a range of topics and opinions in the social sciences and humanities. Our unique network of authors, scholars, researchers, and editors help to guide readers through complex issues and topics with ease. Serving both school researchers and general interest readers, our mission is to present multiple points of view on relevant topics of study to inform as well as advance inquiry.


Shepherd Huts as Tiny Homes

About Shepherd Huts

The clean lines and minimalist design of shepherd huts make them highly desirable as tiny homes. Although small in size, their open and spacious interior accommodates a variety of  changing floor plans for multiple uses throughout the day. With plenty of windows and available wall space, there is plenty of natural light, and a feeling of openness to the world around you.


The photos below show interiors of various shepherd huts that people have designed.

Low Maintenance Design

Because of their practical and simple design, when properly constructed, shepherds huts can be very low maintenance. They typically have metal roof design, and some have metal siding as seen in the examples below.

Shepherd Hut Manufacturers

Rebecca and Larry Cameron of Northern Michigan have been shepherd hut enthusiasts for years, and after extensive research into their design, they now offer some of the finest quality shepherd huts in North America. Their business is Pixie Palace Hut Company. Their shepherd hut design is shown below.



In creating a dwelling for year-round use, it’s important to have plenty of insulation. Below you can see the flooring insulation in Rebecca and Larry’s shepherd hut design.


Transporting a Shepherd Hut

Because of their relatively light weight, one-level design, and low profile wheels, the shepherd hut can be transported using a standard vehicle trailer as shown below.


Global Interest

The maps below show some of the visits to this page from around the world in the first few hours after posting the article. This suggests a broad interest in shepherd huts.

Houston Tiny House Enthusiasts

We’re grateful to have the Houston Tiny House Enthusiasts MeetUp group organizer, Barbara Mariner, serving as one of our Small House Society local contacts for the Houston, Texas area. Here’s a description of the group.


This is a group for anyone interested in designing, building, living in, renting, or maintaining a tiny house and sustainable lifestyle. 

The tiny house movement is a return to houses less than 1,000 square feet, some as small as 80 square feet (7.4 m²). Building types include cottages, cabins, trailers, containers, caravans, house boats, tree houses and many more. The typical tiny house on wheels (THOWs) is usually less than 8 ft by 20 ft, with livable space totaling 120 square feet or less, for ease of towing and to exempt it from the need for a building permit.

Dream big, live tiny!  Living with less is freeing – both financially and by allowing more time for personal development, community involvement and the ability to react on opportunities when they’re presented.

Our Goals:

  • Supporting each other by sharing resources and knowledge
  • Working on projects together, lending a helping hand
  • Visiting builders, tiny houses and events together
  • Sharing ideas of small living and sustainability

We have a bi-weekly format, alternating between Round Table Meetings and Workshops. We look forward to meeting you, hearing about your ideas and experiences with simple living, and sharing discussions on everything— from environmental focuses and financial concerns, to building, parking, zoning, and more!

Thanks for joining us and being a part of this vibrant movement!

Click here to get involved.

Hearthouse Tiny House Community in Washington State

Janet Thome
Janet Thome

I have 2 acres in rural central Washington State. The tiny town is 2 hours from Spokane and 40 minutes from Moses Lake. We are 15 minutes from Odessa, a small town of 900 people and it has a hospital.

My desire for a community is for each of us to have our own sovereign unit where we can all have our privacy and cherished alone time and come together as supporting friends.

I have a brand new Tiny House available now, 1 spot for someone who has their own Tiny House and needs parking, starting in May 2015.

I will also consider bartering with the person who wants the parking spot for someone who loves to make beautiful gardens. I can barter for 6 months, especially if you can grow beautiful food.

I am desiring to find others who want to make a stand with me and be the change we want the world to be.  No GMO seeds or poison are allowed and you must use biodegradable products. We have a greenhouse and are doing Aquaponics.


Below is a map showing the area near the tiny house village.

Small House Society Contact for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho


My name is Janet Thome and I am a Washington state, Oregon, and Idaho contact for the Small House Society. I am starting a small Tiny House Community on my property in rural, central Wa. in a tiny town called Marlin (also known as Krupp, Washington).

Janet Thome
Janet Thome

I am a dealer of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins and I will be having open houses and showing a model on my  property by late December 2014.

I represent Dave Bates, the builder of Portable Cedar Cabins, built in Spirit Lake, Idaho. The cabins are inspected and certified  like an RV. The great advantage you will receive is having the quality and longevity of a log home.

Models Of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins

We have many affordable models to choose from that range from 144 to 400 sq feet built on a superior custom steel frames. The cabins have pine interior and a rich cedar exterior.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou are never limited to our floor plans, we work with you to create the cabin of your dreams. We also offer Bunkhouses and Workforce Housing with a discount on multiple units. We can also create your cabin off the grid. We offer delivery for an extra, affordable fee.


We offer a basic shell, standard shell and completed turnkey cabins with many upgrades. Click on any image below for a larger gallery view.

Bank Financing

We offer bank financing for those who reside in the state of Washington or Idaho with 20% down with approved credit. It will be a 10 year loan with very affordable payments. You can also live in another state and if you have a second residence in these two states, you will also qualify.


Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins are affordable, from $12,000 to $38,000 with many upgrade options. We will try our best to work within your budget.

Stained Glass Accents

We offer stained glass accents for your windows by the talented artist, Cheryl Bates.

Upgrade Options

  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Propane Heat
  • Wood Stove
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Propane Fireplace
  • Extra Loft
  • Bedroom added

Uses for our cabins

  • MIL
  • An alternative to assisted living
  • Small Business
  • Concession stand
  • Mountain cabin
  • Small Home
  • Man cave
  • Storage
  • Guest House

Hearthouse Tiny House Community

I have 2 acres in rural, central Wa. The tiny town is 2 hours from Spokane and 40 minutes from Moses Lake. We are 15 minutes from Odessa, a small town of 900 people and it has a hospital. My desire for a community is for each of us to have our own sovereign unit where we can all have our privacy and cherished alone time and come together as supporting friends. I have a brand new Tiny House available now, 1 spot for someone who has their own Tiny House and needs parking, starting in May. I will also consider bartering with the person who wants the parking spot for someone who loves to make beautiful gardens. I can barter for 6 months., especially if you can grow beautiful food.

I am desiring to find others who want to make a stand with me and be the change we want the world to be.  No GMO seeds or poison are allowed and you must use biodegradable products. We have a greenhouse and are doing Aquaponics.

Dreaming Of A Caretaker For My Land

I am on the look out for a caretaker  for my land. It can be 1 person and I will consider couples. I am building a brand new cabin for you. It is called The Caretaker’s Cabin. I am especially looking for someone who wants to put down roots and wants to be a part of a community. You must have skills in landscaping, some mechanical and building skills to make tiny house furniture. Please read all my posts on The Caretakers’s Cabin to get an idea of the skills I desire and what I am hoping for as a person. We love, love dogs.

I look forward to helping you build the cabin of your greatest imagination and to meet others that love tiny houses and  want to join my community.

Links to Further Reading

Media Request: KMBZ Radio in Kansas City Seeks Small Housers

Organization: KMBZ Radio, Kansas City

Type of media: A Kansas City news and talk radio station at 98.1 FM and 980 AM.

Contact: Sarah Scott


Phone: (913) 744-3943 or (816) 405-2325 [mobile].

Address: 7000 Squibb Road, Mission, Kansas

Deadline: (to be announced)


KMBZ is working on a story about tiny homes in the Kansas City area. I’m looking for every aspect for this story – someone who’s planning to build, someone who’s in the process, a person who already lives in a tiny home, and anybody who is working to build up a tiny home community in the Kansas City area.

Looking for people in the Kansas City area. I’m willing to drive a bit for interviews.

I will be out of the office over the weekend, but feel free to try my cell phone if you’d like to set something up. (816) 405-2325.


Media Request: AARP Magazine Writer Seeks Small Housers

Organization: Freelance writer and editor working on an article for AARP magazine (which reaches 23 million readers)

Type of media: Magazine, Print Media

ContactLorraine Glennon


Deadline: 2 December 2014


For a feature in AARP magazine, I am looking for couples in their mid to late 60s who have retired in the past five years to a tiny house in an especially scenic setting–no particular state, since AARP has a nationwide readership. The inside of the house, too, should be visually appealing in a way that design-conscious readers will appreciate. The house will be photographed for the article, as will the owners. If someone you know meets this description, please contact me asap at the email or phone number above. I am on very tight deadline for this story, so feel free to email or call during the weekend. I’ll be at my desk! LG